2018 BMW 6-Series

2018 BMW 6-Series

Hey, did you sold your previous car? And still looking for a better one, a new all in one convertible? Hold on a sec, it is here I guess. here latest 2018 BMW 6-Series which can be the best luxury large car and can prove to be the best car in your hands this year.

But why would you buy this latest 2018 BMW 6-Series?

We are rating this car- 8.5 out of 10 which is based on our evaluation and research done on this car, and after find this car can be the best in your hands, we are giving your details of it here, feel free to read. Do you want to become our “free Guest writer?” wonderful simply register and start today.

Actually its up to you, but wait, we have its tech reviews here with full specifications and latest updates.

Features, Specifications of 2018 BMW 6-Series

  • Price of latest 2018 BMW 6-Series – $70,000 starting, some models may cost you more than a lac
    “Price for 650i Drive convertible – $94,000 starting”
  • Several choices in Car engines
  • Oops two door coupe is no longer available
  • Infotainment is cool and user friendly
  • oh oh ! undersized rear seats
  • Seating capacity- 4-5
  • Average- 14-20 in the city and  20-29 on the highway

Isn’t that great?

  • 320-600 Horse power
  • Oh oops it has got middle range, means okay car for you.
  • latest tech has been embedded
  • 6- series has some notable shorcomings
  • Coupe like sloped roof

Should you buy this car?

Actually, No!

This car has a price range more than its previous series and you may get all of its features in its rival cars. And then why would you go for a high priced car having so many shortcomings. Even if you love the brand name – BMW only then you should buy this Car.

If not this then what?

Chill ! We have some thing just for you and we are not even paid for reviewing that, this is watch Genesis 690 – has better interior and go to site Audi A7 is also there, these are in the competitive segments and if you are looking for an powerful electric car – only The Model S can satisfies your thrust.

latest 2018 BMW 6-Series
Everything you need to know about this latest 2018 BMW 6-Series


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