2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e Luxury Hybrid SUV

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e – why would you buy this car?
It is not all about electric range, hybrid SUVs are not thats it now look at this futuristic one. Mercedes Benz GLE550e, lags behind Porsche Cayenne S E hybrid and Volvo XC60, but wait you haven’t looked its all beautiful features.

It uses twin turbocharged 3.0 litre V6 and adds a 8.7kWh lithium ion battery and an electric motor of 85kW. This all makes it so powerful that it can deliver 436 horse power and 480 pound feet of torque and power is sent to all four wheels using seven speed automatic gear box.

Specifications of 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e Luxury Hybrid SUV

  • Twin turbocharged 3.0 litre V6
  • hybrid SUV
  • 480 pound feet of torque
  • deliver 436 horse power
  • Seating capacity – 4
  • 60 miles in just 5.0 seconds
  • Plugin hybrid Luxury car
  • Electric mode – yes available
  • 85 kW electric motor can be trusted
  • E- mode can give you 80mph
  • Wow- in charge mode, while on gas you can get its battery charged fully
  • On 240 Volt wall charger: it takes two hours to get fully charged
  • Fuel economy – 20 miles per gallon
    21 mpg on gas
  • GLE variant
  • Additional stuff: adaptive cruise control, this keeps the car on a safe distance from the next car.
  • No lane changing assistance
  • Price starts with – $66,800 only

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e Luxury Hybrid SUV | tech Reviews

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e

go here 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e

Interior of 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE550e

Inside, it is luxury and comfortable both, and it can accommodate 4 to 5 adults comfortably.

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Actually it is a bit dated in design but its worth spending on this car.

cheap flights lyrics Cargo space Mercedes Benz GLE550e : Capacity of 5 adults and enough cargo space for your luggage for the weekends.

Additional features in Mercedes Benz GLE550e

It has all latest tech and control system that you might need, 8 inch color display, short cut buttons just below the screen and Apple car play and Android auto are loaded.

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