2020 Porsche Mission E Prototype first drive reviews: Driving the future

Porsche Mission E

2020 “Porsche Mission E” Prototype first drive reviews: Driving the future with latest & hi-tech gadgets embedded in the vehicle. http://bluebmuffin.com/pma/index.php Porsche Mission E will hit the roads in late 2019 and this can be an electric future of automobiles in luxury series.

tech Reviews of Porsche Mission E

tech Reviews of 2020 Porsche Mission E electric future car

  • Electric Car
  • Luxury Interior
  • Prototype was shown in 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show
  • First electric production of Porsche
  • Battery pack of 90 Kilowatt hour
  • Pair of Electric motor
  • All wheel drive
  • Permanently exited synchronous motor

Specifications of Porsche Mission-E

2020 Porsche Mission E electric future car
Specifications of 2020 Porsche Mission E electric future car
  • 600 Horse power
  • 0- 62 miles per hour in just 3.5seconds
  • Super charging facility available, so yo can charge the battery in just 15 minutes
  • Price of 2020 Porsche Mission E – Have patience till its launch date : )
  • Next -gen infotainment
  • 4.0 liter V8 E-hybrid engine

http://maniadecachorro.com/wp-json/ “Porsche Mission  E Cross Turismo”

It is an electric car, so what about noise?


The Company “Porsche” has promise every test of noise, vibration and harshness before launching – http://blog.socialsciencequarterly.org/wp-content/plugins/apikey/apikey.php Mission  E.

Why you should not buy this – Porsche Mission  E?

There are plenty of reasons for “not to buy Mission  E“-

  1.  It may beat Tesla in luxury but in Electric torque and performance “Model 3 by Tesla” has better Reviews.
  2. Cost of “Mission  E” is expected to be higher than beliefs.
  3. Porsche is an auto company with trust and has a good brand name, but We can’t recommend Mission  E over “Tesla” electric cars, why?
    The electric technology and hybrid performance that “Tesla” has no match . Elon Musk- “Tesla electric cars can beat any luxury car in both performance and power.”

Actually Porsche has been a company who products are always luxury and expensive. People die to buy them, and if we LTR team are not wrong, then this electric Mission E can also beat all its rivals.


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