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social media

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Some people have an addiction to smoking cigarettes, others to drinking alcohol and yet there are many of you nowadays who are addicted to social media. Social media addiction can be as dangerous as any other addiction and is taking over the stage nowadays.


If you think you may have this addiction, although you don’t want to admit this to yourself, keep on reading to get assured. Maybe, you will want to put the phone down once you finish this article.


You wake up and grab the phone immediately!


The first sign to social media addiction can be that you start your day by scrolling to see what is on News feed. You do this once you open your eyes and even lay down for sometime before getting up. And honestly you know that nothing have really changed, because this was what you actually did before falling asleep.


You post on Facebook or Instagram Or Blogging frequently!


Well, maybe you don’t spend that much time on Facebook, but when it comes to Instagram stories also may be your most of the time get to spend in blogger outreach, you are the one who has something to share all the time. These are often photos of what you have been eating all day, what have you been wearing or what you have done so far. And yes, you do this even when you are out with family and friends and you are paying attention only to your phone, instead of what is happening around you.


Counting the reactions to your photo!


So, you posted a photo of what you have been doing and now you are not putting down the phone to see what’s going around you. But instead, you keep on checking home many likes and loves you have and even refresh the app to see if there are some more. And in the worst case scenario, you didn’t get the desired number of likes, or your favorite person didn’t like it, so you immediately delete the photo.


No Wi-fi is your nightmare! social media


No internet connection is definitely the worst thing that can happen to you. This is because you believe that the whole world is in your phone and now you don’t know what to do.So, maybe for a change you can enjoy that moment to spend some time alone, go out for a walk, read some book or spend quality time with your loved ones without posting everything on Insta story.

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The above signs are just some of the many signs that can lead to social media addiction, so if you think you have them, maybe it is time to put down your phone for a while. Do this for at least a couple of hours a day, and see what happens with you and around you.