5 handy Tips to Secure your Home Wireless Network

Home Wireless Network | WiFi networking has made human life so easy that anyone can have the easy access to the Internet everywhere in this entire world. Wireless networking also gives a great and helpful hand in completing the process of Netgear Extender Setup successfully. But most of the users do the mistake of setting up their extender in a public WiFi. This would be the big disaster caused by the user itself. This process should be done in a private wireless network out of the reach of anonymous resources.

Moreover, such process doesn’t acquire your precious time or any brain-teaser steps of troubleshooting. Just need little patience and concern of its user and some of the valuable steps to be followed.

Tech Reviews of Home Wireless Network

  • Take both extender and the router out of the reach of interference creating metal object and electronic devices. Disable them all during the process of installation.
  • Attach both the smart devices with each other through a well-maintained Ethernet cable (without any cuts and dust in it).
  • Do not plug your devices in a suffocated or heated area. Both of them supposed to be properly plugged into a place that is completely away from dust, water, heat, wires, books, and the entire household stuff that is ready to mess with your devices.
  • While plugging your devices with each other, make sure that its wires don’t mess with each other. Now, you might want to open a web browser. After that, type mywifiext into field of the address bar. Netgear Extender Login needs a default detail of username and password to enter. If you don’t have those details, look into your manual steps or call our Netgear experts immediately.

Before anything else, you would first require to apply the process of Netgear Router Setup and secure your network from the unauthorized source that is not permitted by you.

  1. Open the page of Router Settings | Reviews

First of all, what you have to do, connect your computer to the router and pull up a web browser onto that. After that, type the default IP of your Netgear router into field of the address bar. Make sure that you have the correct and appropriate login details to fill into the displayed page. If not, then don’t panic and immediately seek expert advice on a toll-free number 1-884-689-9966.

  1. Generate a unique blend of Password on your Router

Once you have setup your router, the first thing that you are supposed to do, secure your network from an extra strong password created by you. This process will prevent others from accessing your device. Now, you are going to secure your network by giving it a blend of 16 characters password.

  1. Change your SSID name

The network name of your router is set as default by the manufacturer of the device itself. This default details will not make your network secure and away from outsiders. So, create a unique network name that is more than 7 characters but not less than 6 characters. Network name supposed to be a mixer of digit, alphabets, and numbers.

  1. Turn on WiFi Network Encryption

Stop other (third-party) networking devices in neighboring area from accessing your Internet, by just encrypting your wireless signals. In today’s world, technology has offers its users numerous method for wireless settings that includes WEP, WPA, and WPA2. (Home Wireless Network)

  • WEP is easy to crack and is least secure. Therefore, it is compatible with a wide range of wireless, wired and hardware devices.
  • WPA is highly secured but only compatible with hardware.
  • If you are using old version of the device, go with WPA2. After that, enter a password to access your network. Consider using a password that is safely created by you, not default.
  1. Upgrade the Firmware of the Router (Home Wireless Network)

Now, we come to the main step to discuss with you. When you buy a new device, don’t let them configure and make them compatible, up and running with other devices. You are also supposed to check the site of the manufacturer occasionally just to confirm that your router is running with the latest firmware of technology. On the other hand, you can also discover the existing firmware of the device by typing IP address of your router into field of the address bar of a web browser.

For more assistance and help, Contact Netgear extender support on a toll-free number mention above.