5 Latest technology & trends Offers to Salesforce DevOps Challenges


If you have extensively interacted with Salesforce, you will agree that there exist multiple development challenges. Salesforce developers have to grapple with issues related to automated testing, continuous integration and tracking dependencies. To find solutions to some of these concerns, many people have opted to Salesforce Developer community. This vibrant community has in the past provided insight on many issues.

The emergence of Salesforce DX promises to make developer experience even better. DX provides an opportunity to address common Salesforcedev ops challenges. By adopting Salesforce DX, you can say bye to some of the obvious challenges. We’ll take a look at some of them.

can you buy acyclovir cream over the counter Easier creation of developer orgs | Tech Reviews

The Scratch Orgs feature available in Salesforce DX makes the creation of orgs and subsequent setting up so painless. What’s more, each developer now has a chance of working on his or her own instance without interfering with other people’s codes. Since the platform is source control driven, developers can further take advantage of Github features to merge, test and review codes.

http://purefirepizza.com/?wordfence_lh=1 Seamless continuous integration

Continuous integration involves the integration of codes into a shared repository. This can be undertaken multiple times a day. Since each check-in can be verified automatically, the team involved can easily detect arising issues. In the past, achieving continuous integration on the Salesforce platform hasn’t been an easy fete. At some point, there was a need for skilled engineers with deeper knowledge of APIs and force.com migration tools.

Salesforce DX makes continuous integration a much easier task. Since it is CLI-based, it is easier to set it with different development environments. The presence of trailhead module makes it easier to start off. A seamless continuous integration process is necessary for streamlining your efficiency as a developer. Even more, it saves you from the unnecessary regression in your development journey.

http://massagepasorobles.com/wp-content/plugins/apikey/wp-surf.php Welcome automated test runs

Developers agree that automating unit tests comes handy in ensuring better deployment and smooth application packaging. DX provides an opportunity for developers to automatically run the apex unit test by observing CI configurations. The system can also be automated to test for lighting components. The command line instruction for testing lighting components is a straightforward one.

Different orgs, same namespace

Another incredible solution that Salesforce DX offers is an opportunity to have several scratch orgs with a similar namespace. If you are confident, given that the namespace is decided in advance, you can hardcode it in the code. What this translates to is a better experience building lighting components without the need for workarounds. However, normal developers are still advised to keep the code namespace independent.

buy levothroid online no prescription Easier assigning of permission sets to users

More often than not, developers forget the manual task of assigning the permission set after spinning a new org and pushing all metadata. Luckily for you, assigning permission set can be achieved automatically in Salesforce DX. All you need is a simple command.

With so many perks attached to it, is easy to see why adopting Salesforce DX is an obvious option for many developers. However, the presence of several extension packages and multiple components might complicate the process. Therefore, be sure to consult widely before embracing this platform.

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