SEO Tips

5 SEO Tips Which Will Trend in the Year 2019

As the years are passing, things are changing in search engine optimization. It is now becoming more complicated and refined. For all those who are fresher in this realm, let us give a quickie about what SEO is all about.

SEO Tips

The search engine optimization in easy words is the process to improve the existing image of a website considering the factors that matter for the search engines. Here the SEO Experts improve the number of the users landing to a website by optimizing the placement by increasing the visibility of the website on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) in terms of the organic results.

There is no second thought about the fact that Google is watching SEO with its sharp eyes and being a reason search engine optimization is getting a bit difficult due to the back to back algorithm updates. Such updates are coming from Google with a view of maintaining its capability for offering as accurate as the result it can.

Due to the correctness and accuracy, Google has become the biggest & reliable search engine.  Here in this blog, we will look at the 5 SEO tips which will trend in the year 2019.

  1. buy clomid new zealand Improve Website Impression – It starts from the basics. Firstly you need to improve the designing of your website. You can hire a professional website designer for this as well. It is a must to improve the visual presence as users don’t stay on the unmanaged websites. Whenever a user comes to your site via Google search results, Google also estimates that whether your site is meaningful for him or not? How long a user stays on your site and if he is coming back to the search engine results or not? If a user is coming back to the search results then chances are higher that your site is not that helpful that it should be and you never know you might see a drop in the rankings. Keep your website updated as per the recent trend and makes it useful for both search engines & the users. However, if a visitor is spending a long time to your web pages then for sure you have that spark in your site which is capable of holding the visitors which will for sure improve the organic ranking.
  1. Use Unique Font Sizes, List & Headings – Whenever Google’s robots crawl the website’s content; it focuses on the different parts of the content including the fonts as well. Due to this, it assists the search engine optimization to use the different heading ranging from heading 1 to heading 7. Also include bullet points, lists with italic and bold wherever necessary. Make your web page a little bit interesting and engaging by using different elements in order to keep a user occupied.
  1. Put Social Sharing Buttons – It is important to understand that social media sharing is becoming a crucial factor in the search engine optimization. All types of sites are now adding it in order to spread the power of your content to one user to another. Keeping this in mind, you should add social share buttons to your content so that it gets promoted among the web users. The more your content users will share the far better your content will go.
  1. Optimize Content For Snippets – It is very much true and acceptable by the worldwide that if your content features as same like the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) featured snippet then you are bang on it. It means you are on a right track. It is because featured snippet ranks higher in the organic results which eventually gains high CTR. Your standard organic results will still be appearing on the topmost pages. It means you get the two results with double chances of clicking. To increase the impression of the content which will be featuring as a featured snippet you can utilize the lists wherever possible. One more technique would also be to answer the questions in a compact manner or words that search engines could use as a featured snippet.
  1. Materialize Longer Content – It is important to understand that the longer content plays a vital role in impressing the search engine’s crawlers. The more content you will provide the better results you can expect from the crawlers. Make sure you put the 100% original content from a search engine optimization point of view. Doing such practice will give you the better rank and better results in the organic searches. This is why these days creating the content at least 1000 words is a good idea. While creating the content make sure you use proper titles, headings, sub headings etc.


There are many other significant factors matters in bringing the rank of a website at the top position in the search engine result pages. But the most crucial ones are enlisted here in this blog. However, you cannot deny the factors like domain age and domain name while asking Google for rank. Why don’t you leave your project in expert hands and hire the best SEO Company in Delhi. Browse our customized and Result Driven SEO Packages here.