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The world has been witnessing the power of the internet for the last two decades. Internet technology makes it possible to access everything just with our fingertips. Online shopping has become a convenient alternate where everything can be compared and the best price can be found easily, moreover, the shopped items are delivered right to the shopper’s doorstep without leaving their comfort zone.

Despite such enormous features, some online risks have become a big cause of concern for online shoppers. You can flourish your online business if you know how customers make a buying decision.

Here a few important factors are elaborated how they influence the consumer’s buying behavior.

Buy viagra birmingham uk, Viagra pharmacy india

The online reviews of a company put a great impact on customers buying attitude. The recent studies on the consumerism show that seventy percent of consumers consider online review about a particular item before purchasing it, especially appliances, electronics, home décor, and fabric items.

Thus, it is vital to encourage your customers to give feedback or leave reviews about your product and services. It will not only influence the new customers but also builds a credible online reputation.

Website Security

The cyber crimes are increasing at a rapid rate so the customers are increasing more aware of the risks of data breaching from the web. Millions of e-commerce sites have switched on HTTPS by installing an SSL certificate on their websites.

The SSL technology establishes an encrypted link between a website server and a browser to protect sensitive data like credit card info, Social Security numbers, addresses and more from hackers. It not only secures the sensitive information being transmitted between a website and a user but also builds company reliability, online reputation as well as improve Google search engine ranking.

Install Comodo SSL Certificates on your website to protect consumers’ private information, emails and login information from online criminals. Moreover, the Comodo SSL Certificates work with all the major devices and browsers all over the world.

The Return And Refund Policy

The Return and Refund Policy also affect the consumers’ buying behavior. Customers are not able to verify the product physically when they buy online, so they want greater flexibility in online services. In most cases, carts are abandoned because consumers’ find risk in purchasing due to the no return and refund policies.

Some online companies do not show their return and refund policies clearly that also put a detrimental impact on the consumer’s buying decision. Thus, the rules on return and refund items should be clearly mentioned.

Shipping Terms

Almost all online consumers expect this facility from every e-commerce website. The recent studies show that 30% of website visitors make a buying decision after checking the shipping term of visited website. In the competitive world, most of the e-commerce websites offer free shipping to consumers to allure them for more shopping.

When customers have to pay shipping charges, they prefer to visit a store nearby their home for diminishing the shipping charges. Moreover, consumers like to wait for an extra few days if they get free delivery.

Different Payment Methods

Payment methods on a website also influence the customer’s purchasing decision. Usually, most of the e-commerce websites offer credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfers, COD payment systems. The more payment option you have on your website, there are more chances to crack deals with the potential customers.

The Validity of a Website

In the era of stiff competition, most of the business work hard on connecting more and more people with their website to flourish their business, moreover, millions of websites are developed each year.

So, consumers check the validity of a website through some online tools. It is worth saying that OLD IS A GOLD, it’s valid in term of online business. Customers like to purchase from the old website rather than from new ones.

Discount coupons

Comparing the items and finding the best price has become so easy with search engines. Before buying any item, online users search on Google for getting more discounts on a particular item.

Where they get discount offers and coupons, they prefer to shop there. So, do not forget to offer discount coupons on your e-commerce site.


All the above mentioned factors put a great impact on the customer’s buying decision.

If you are new in the online business, you have to study your target audience patiently and then make efforts accordingly.