9 Indications He is Much Interested in You

9 Indications He is Much Interested in You

http://realmtampa.com/how-do-i-work-with-realm-chiropractic/ 9 Indications He is Much Interested in You: It is quite common in today’s relationships that most of the men avoid expressing their feelings because they think that they might lose a good friend after that. If your good friend never said that he liked you, it does not mean that he is not interested in you. There are various indications through which you can identify the true feelings of your friend.

In today’s world, it is hard to find true love and if your friend is really interested in you then it is a blessing. Therefore, there is no need to ignore the below-mentioned signs which he usually shows when he is around you.

http://wildwebwest.biz/phpmyadmin/ He is jealous of the other boys

This is one of the clear indications that he is much interested in you. Whenever you talk about other guys that how good looking he is or how wealthy he is, your friend reacts in a strange way. Sometimes he changes the topic and sometimes he says negative about the other guys, so it is a clear sign that he feels jealous of those guys in whom you show some interest.

http://shopmarketfair.com/tag/indian-cuisine/ He mostly makes eye contact with you

A trustworthy person always makes an eye contact while talking. Liars and fake people avoid making eye contact with the people whom they talk. So, if he mostly tries to make eye contact with you and look into your eyes then it clearly shows that you can trust him blindly. Also, it indicates that he is much interested in you.

He goes along with your pace

Another indication that he is more than a friend is that he usually goes along with your pace whenever you both walk together. It is not a common sign which boys show when they love anyone but it is proved that men follow the pace of the women they love while walking. So, never forget to check his footsteps next time that whether he is following yours or not.

He finds ways to spend time with you

It is quite common that friends make plans on weekends and spend some quality time with each other. But those who love each other always find ways to meet up on weekends to come closer to each other. So, if your friend always tries to catch you up and finds ways to spend time with you then there is something between you and him. If he mostly asks you about your engagements on weekends and makes you aware of any upcoming events or festivals then understand the signs and go with him to make him feel special.

He tries to copy you

Doing the same things as the other person does is another clear indication of love. If a person likes anyone, he or she tries to copy the style and starts loving those things which the other person loves. So, check whether your friend copies you or not. If you are good at study and he is also showing his interest in studies or he has changed his favorite drink or food to match yours then it is a loud indication that he is in love with you.

He uses his hands more

Body language is the best way of judging the attitude of a person towards you. It is proved that guys use more of their hands to transmit their messages to those whom they love. On the other hand, when they talk to others and their friends, they use their hands less. Therefore, next time check the hand movements of the guy with whom you spend your most of the time. You will find your answer.

He speaks in a low-pitched voice

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Many people consider it as a myth but there are many others who believe that men speak in low-pitched voice with whom they are interested in. Science has also proved that men change their voice when they talk to their special ones. So, it is suggested to hear him with complete focus and find the difference in the way he talks to you and others. If there are changes then it is a clear indication that he is interested in you. (9 Indications He is Much Interested in You)

He is showing more interest in your things

It is common that people show their interest in all the matters of their love partners and that is what more than a friend will do. If your friend is showing more interest in your things like remembering your birthday, focusing on your favorite color, and taking you to the restaurant of your choice and ordering your favorite meal, then there is something in the heart of your friend for you.

He touches you

Another indication that if your friend puts his arms around you, touches your hand while talking to you and stands closer to you then he surely wants you.

In the end, all of the above-mentioned signs are enough to identify that the person is interested in you or not. So, keep your focus on these things to start your love life.

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