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iPhone X
iPhone X
Latest technical reviews of iPhone X 2017

The buy Lyrica online overnight iPhone X is out for some time and you must have seen many reviews of the phone to determine, whether you should buy it or not? whether is it worth the money? The reviews out there would tell you everything about the iPhone’s features but there are not many who would state the reasons you should buy it.

So, here are some reasons that you should buy the http://amandaaz.com/pma/ iPhone X.

1. The Screen


Even though, there are now quite some Smartphone’s with all-over display but the iPhone truly outclasses them in this aspect, the 5.8 inch, 2436 by 1125px  “edge – to – edge” display with  458 ppi is really  a stunning feed that is capable of giving out sharp text, crisp visuals, and colors with little to no – saturation at all.

It also has Apple’s True tone technology. This technology basically detects the color temperature of the ambient light present around the Smartphone with the help of a sensor. Everything aside, no matter what you throw at this phone, it “will” produce it in a clear and stunning way. This really proves it that the can you buy clomid at walmart iPhone X is truly unbeatable among it’s peers.



The power in a Smartphone might be the most important factor for some people to decide whether they want it or not, and the iPhone X truly dominates this area too, Apple incorporated it with the new A11 bionic chip, it is the latest of it’s lineup and also Apple have made many improvements in it over the A10 chip, it’s C.P.U. has two “Performance cores” and 4 “high – efficiency” cores. While it’s 3 – Core G.P.U.is all fine – tuned to handle 3D games as well as Augmented reality(AR) applications. Contrary to it’s previous Quad core Model, the A10 chip, the A11 bionic chip can run all the 6-cores simultaneously where the previous one can only run 2 at any instant.

In the road of innovations the A11 bionic chip also has a new dual-core neural engine that is built for machine learning and some of Apple’s new technologies.

If you are one of the people who believe in benchmarking tests, fear not the iPhone X has bested every phone that is recorded until now except the iPhone 8, yes, it has even beaten the like of OnePlus 5 and Samsung galaxy S8.

3. The Build


from the iPhone’s curvy and blocky design to the sleek and sexy, we all, truly loved the design of the iphone’s  till now and believe me, the Iphone X truly will not disappoint you with it’s design. The front and rear parts of the phone are made up of reinforced glass and the side band is made up of ‘surgical-grade’ steel to make it more sturdy. The iPhone X is truly one of the most beautiful Smartphone out there.

One of the more heavy worries in our hearts about such a phone might be water and dust, but fear not, the iPhone X has an IP 67 rating which basically means that the phone is dust resistant and can come out unscathed under immersion in water for 30 minutes. So, for this there is nothing to fear,  and play your heart out in the rain.

4. Wireless Charging

Even though wireless charging is not a rage over the world but it really is useful, because you will not need to place the pin of your charger in the given slot, instead of that you just need to place the phone on the charging mat and it start’s charging. The charging system named QI is in the Iphone X which gives it this capability.

Even though Apple don’t have it’s own proprietary charging product but they are going to launch one in 2018 named ‘AirPower mat’ only in 2018.

Instead of it, you can buy the mats of other companies like Samsung, Belkin and Mophie.

If you’re wondering about if  a case would slow or stop the charging process, don’t worry, the only cases that do not work with wireless charging are the ones which are not too thick or made of a metal .

Still, we recommend you to buy the cases made up by Apple.

5. Augmented Reality

Have you ever seen movies depicting virtual reality?, well Augmented reality ia a bit different, contrary to virtual reality where you are in a virtual world, in Augmented reality, virtual things are in the real world. The new A11 chip’s M11 co-processor is really powerful, so much that it can handle Augmented reality with ease.



Due to the full “edge – to – edge” screen on the iPhone X, the removal of the fingerprint scanner on the back, so, the thing they did was get a whole new type of security system, the true depth camera, it uses three different types of technologies the dot projector, the flood illuminator and infrared camera.

The dot projector casts more than 30,000 dots on your face (don’t worry they are invisible)

to build an encrypted facial map that’s stored only on the device itself.

The mechanism of the phone is that whenever a user tries to unlock the handset, The infrared camera captures the facial geometry of yours and matches it with the one that is stored on your device with the help of the A11 bionic chip. The flood illuminator gives the true depth system a helping hand by allowing the system to scan a user’s face in the dark also.

There are two additional pros for this system as well, and those are that it cannot be fooled with a photograph as the captures the depth of a person’s face too. The other pro is that it cannot be opened up when your eyes are closed, this ensures that no can use your phone while you are sleeping.


If you are worrying about whether changes in your face like beard or makeup will hinder the effectiveness of the system, worry not, the new neural engine in the A11 chip is made for these type of changes, it also is made up to be used with glasses or hats and etc.

According to Apple this face ID tech. is approx. 20 times more secure than their fingerprint based touch ID.



7. Animoji’s

Have you ever wondered what kind of animal does your face look similar too, well if you have then the iPhone X would surely be a sweet buy for you, because capturing over 50 facial movements of yours with the help of the true depth camera system and the A11 bionic chip and then matches these movements with their already recognized movements of different animals, and voila, you get an animated animal emoji just for you.

So, you can record videos as these emoji’s and send them to your friends, why?, because these videos can be played on any device but not made on :). and believe it’s only been a week since iPhone X’s release but these are already a rage over the internet.


8. All New Gestures used iPhone X

Due to the home button being removed from the iPhone X, Apple has introduced new gestures to compensate for this removal, these are as follows.

swipe from the bottom edge to access the home screen

form an open app, swipe up from the bottom edge to access the home screen

press and hold the right side button to ask siri a question

simultaneously press and quickly release the right side button and volume-up button to take a screen shot.

Press and hold the side button and wither volume button to turn off the phone.

Swipe from the top right corner to access the control center, which reveals quick access to different settings

9. The Camera of iPhone X

The camera setup of the iPhone X is one of the best of it’s era. some, of the cameras of today’s make the pictures over saturated but the pictures that the iPhone X take are true to life with little to no saturation at all. The low light pictures are awesome too, due to the high-dynamic range. You also get the widely loved portrait mode which gives the surrounding field-of-depth effect. Plus the high quality video capture, with it’s crisp audio can deliver awesome video’s which are even usable for high-res youtube videos and amateur 4k videos.

There is also a new ‘portrait lighting feature which is possible due to the dual rear shooter and the true depth camera system. It gives you five different types of lighting effect. ‘Natural’, ‘Studio’, ‘Contour’, ‘stage’, ‘stage mono’.

So whether you want to record slow mo, panorama or any other type of things, you have the iPhone X by your side with it’s image stabilization and even zoom, all thanks to it’s powerful A11 bionic chip.

Editor : Ayush Yadav



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