Apple introduces AI phone

Apple introduces AI phone

Apple introduces AI phone | tech Reviews | Siri Updated with AI | Did you liked Siri?


Something better is coming, Apple Inc has announced it and you will see advanced version of Siri very soon. Recently, at Apple’s WWDC 2018 – the company announced the most important update in its operating system i.e. follow site iOS 12.

Latest update in Siri and AI in iPhone
How does updated Siri works? And is AI in iPhone useful?

Hold on!

Everyone know that Apple has biggest brand name as a company which is the best at selling its products. But there is one important thing to understand, because “you can control only those things that you understand”.

And if you would not understand “how updated siri can help you?” then you won’t be able to use it or may dislike its functions.

So, let’s get into it.

Updated Siri with AI

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There is not a single doubt that our future will be totally controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) but if you say- this is going to end the humanity, then you might haven’t understood the AI yet.

And to understand “Artificial Intelligence” Read our Tech reviews of AI.

Why Apple is introducing AI in its smartphones?

There are many reasons “why Apple is introducing AI in its smartphones?” And if you are an iPhone user then you might have already used “Siri” but wasn’t that much satisfied by its assistance. And “Google” and other “tech companies” are working very hard in giving best “digital assistance” to the people, and this could only be possible by more intelligence in your phones.

This can only be possible by introducing AI, Artificial Intelligence can understand human behavior in a better way and can respond quickly.

You feel like you are a boss of someone- smart and intelligent, and you can get anything done by just one command. Wouldn’t that be great? Of course it would be, but wait! Hold your thoughts and understand-“Apple introduces AI phone’.

Updated Siri | Introduction of iOS 12 | New AI phone

The latest update will be implemented once you will get the update of iOS 12 and Siri suggestions will be everywhere. Siri will definitely need to access your personal data and would analyze it for a better assistance.

So, you have to be both scared and hungry for the new launch that could go with AI in your phone. For example, siri may suggest you that-

  • Call your brother for his birthday.
  • Tell your boss you are running late for the meeting via text.
  • I am at the gym, start my workout playlist.
  • Turn my phone to “Don’t disturb” at the movies

This type of assistance can be useful in some cases or work places but can be annoying too at others. Siri suggestions will appear on the lock screen also, if it think some thing is important.

Apple has gone even further, now you can do- task automation app that will allow iPhone users to integrate actions into routines that can be launched just by a tap.

“hey siri, I lost my keys”

Now, at the same time, iOS 12’s new set “digital well being feature” will hide notifications from users at a specific time, like after 11pm. This may give you some relief from being checking your phone constantly, during night or just after waking up.

Machine learning in Images

Now you have to believe that “Apple” has gone far beyond your imaginations, there will be a new tab “For You” in the photos section so you can easily be shared within your circle.

This tab will also help you to understand which photos are best for you which are not. A smart search will also help you to find photos from specific places or events.

Cool no?

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