Impact of Artificial Intelligence on e-learning_Tech Reviews

Artificial Intelligence e-learning

buy Lyrica mexico  Artificial Intelligence e-learning : Automation is the big thing which is taking the world by storm. Rapidly improving technology is promising fast execution of tasks by machines which would otherwise be performed by humans. Artificial intelligence is, in fact, changing the realms of the world around.

This has implications for both learning and teaching systems. Now, this does not mean that we’ll have robots replacing teachers any time soon, but automation is surely and steadily making way into learning systems especially the e-learning educaton systems will surely benefit from the same.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) basically holds the capability to have a huge impact on our future in a wide array of ways. It is a primary driver of growth in current times. There has been a sharp surge in acceptance of e-learning solutions as they are not just convenient but also economical as compared to other modes of learning. From the convenience of your home, you can get a grab on highly useful content.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on e-learning _ Tech Reviews

As per statistics, it takes approximately 49 to 125 hours to develop e-learning content which is an hour long. On the contrary, if you wish to develop instructor based learning content it takes around 22 to 82 hours.  Even though e-learning courses are economically viable in the long run but companies which cannot bear preliminary costs find it tough to develop the same. In such circumstances, Artificial Intelligence seems to offer the right solution and bail you out of the problem.  Given below are some of the ways how Artificial Intelligence will impact e-learning solutions:

  1. Real-time Questioning

Messaging is used by learners as one of the most convenient ways to resolve their queries and clarify their doubts. It is quite simple to upload your questions in real-time into any e-Learning platform. Most of the e-learning platforms now take help of AI to handle these questions and offer a response in real-time. What’s more, AI is also used to provide reasoning or counseling learners in case it is required.

AI empowered e-Learning tools to assist learners in fetching resources for their assignments as well as courses. This enables them to save effort and time.

  1. Gamification

AI plays a key role in incorporating gamification in e-learning material. With help of AI gamification can be introduced suitably as well as proficiently into an e-learning program. Game features need to be designed as well as developed in a methodical way. Setting up relevant content in gaming model is hugely vital for enhanced retention as well as fine course achievement. Approximately 80% of learners prefer learning in an AI synced gaming setup.

  1. Language Recognition_ Artificial Intelligence e-learning

This is, without any doubt, the most beneficial contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the e-learning sector. With help of AI assistant, the learners can communicate without any issues on the e-learning platforms as the AI assistant easily comprehends their spoken language.

The AI enabled platforms are fully capable of understanding the language spoken by the learner and give responses accordingly. They are even able to comprehend background sounds, diverse pronunciations, different languages and even variations in human sounds.

  1. Quick and well-organized learning

The main aim behind every e-learning tool and system is to accelerate the overall learning process sans any kind of compromise on the quality of content or learning delivered. Nevertheless, with so many passwords, logins, and tools to handle, the e-learning industry sector is facing a lot of inefficiencies.

Now, with the assistance of AI, you can easily get rid of inefficiencies and place learning right into fast motion for the advanced employees working in a super competitive businesses environment. Due to smoother learning, people are able to offer a superior customer experience, generate more sales, evade any big blunders and devote more time to tasks which can ultimately enhance value.


Different areas of learning where AI offers help

Data analysis

There are so many areas of learning where we can see an impact of AI. One domain where computers have an extra edge in comparison to humans is data analysis. With help of AI, you can easily analyze huge sets of data. With the volume of data which is being produced by present-day e-learning technology, teachers and administrators can actually go crazy if they wish to add any meaning to it without help of AI. Artificial intelligence, in fact, helps to spot patterns and trends in data so that it makes sense to the user, who can then interpret the same and accordingly decide on any course of work.

An example of this can be an automated system where student data is monitored and alert is sent to staff who can then help students who are facing any issues, whether it is falling behind in scores, or any change in behavioral pattern or attendance related issues. So, a problem will be handled right at the onset before becoming grave.

Personalised learning_ Artificial Intelligence e-learning

A lot of the latest e-learning systems enable the teachers to build conditional activities. So a student receives a task on basis of his or her previous performance. Advanced AI systems can even take this a step ahead and create new activities on as per students’ achievement thus suggesting content with continuous revisions.

Also, AI-based learning system serves the purpose of being a personal assistant for the student. It can report back to parents and teachers regarding any areas of worry, so students get support where they need the most.

Grading of assessments_ Artificial Intelligence e-learning

A lot of schools are using AI-based e-tools to enhance the learning of students. There is automation in grading by use of self-marking quizzes. There are tools which automatically detect plagiarism in any submissions made by the students.

Due to the growth of artificial intelligence, we will see enhanced automation in even complex tasks, like grading of written submissions i.e. presentations and essays, and offering performance to appraisal to students.

Minimizing barriers- Artificial Intelligence e-learning

There is a huge paucity of qualified trainers. These AI enabled e-learning tools are making education available to all without any barriers such as language, location etc. If you are a motivated learner regardless of where you stay, you can have access to hi-grade quality learning.

The AI assistants are available 24/7 and offer help to countless learners simultaneously. Now even though this is not a replacement for face-to-face teaching, places where educational infrastructure is not available, this will offer a lot of help.

Easing burden of teachers

This is a huge misconception that automation will eat away a teacher’s job. In fact, with help of AI enabled learning tools teachers will get a much-needed respite and will be able to concentrate on core areas of concern.  The way teaching is done will change but teachers can never get replaced by AI. AI relieves teachers of administrative tasks. It helps them delegate some burden so that learning is maximized.


Conclusion_ Artificial Intelligence e-learning

The world around is fast changing and so there is a fast proliferation of e-learning trends and practices. Even though AI is taking the whole e-learning sector by storm, it will still take some time to accrue all its benefits.

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