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Artificial Intelligence & latest technology

Artificial Intelligence & latest technology have popped up in the world of tech, recently & scientist have got funding from businessmen to put them out. Scientific breakthrough, launch of latest technology in the market, getting consumers attention, and of course these new Sci/tech have their own problems as well.

What problems would you be facing with Artificial Intelligence & latest technology?

Yes, there may be a lot more problems along with the launch of Artificial Intelligence & latest technology, AI monopolies as it may hoover up data & talent.

But who knows, actually every new thing scares us first and then sooner or later we find ourselves adapted by them. So, it is very tough to decide up front that AI would be a curse or boon to the human race.

A decade earlier smartphone were expensive and everyone was not using it like they are doing today. People belonging to every race, every age even all of them are using smartphones today. Even it has become tough to spend a day without your cell phone, so who know what AI would be like, and perhaps it may become the new trend in our society.

Reviews – Artificial Intelligence & latest technology

AI in 2017, it was everywhere throughout the year, and you may be right when you say “we are scared of Artificial Intelligence & latest technology”, but let’s understand the positive side of AI.

What could go right if AI is launched in the market and everyone has its access?

Artificial Intelligence & latest technology

Reviews : Artificial Intelligence & latest technology

Okay! first we are noting down only positive aspects : Let’s take an example of Electricity and when electricity was introduced to people for public welfare, almost everyone refused using it, this was the scene many years ago. But today you can see, we can’t even imagine our lives without electricity.

So, AI has that potential to transform a broad range of industries, sure we need different technology in every other industry but if we add little bit of smartness in the machine & that can give biggest impact in the output, then there is no harm done.

Big tech companies like Google, Microsoft, & Facebook have already invested millions of dollars in the field of AI, and some feature of AI are already being used in smartphones & home speakers. Though these implementations can’t change the world but still the use of AI has already begun.

Robots : In 2017 even robots were tested using AI and shown some life, in fact now robotics have new hopes as AI can give them more intelligence and talent that robots should have.

And robots with super high intelligence can breakthrough any trend ever came into our society because Robots loaded with AI can be used in houses, hospitals, safety works and other fields as well. And if robos are going to be implemented into industries then yes, they are going to destroy human jobs, not for once but forever.

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