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ASP.NET: Developers’ Firearm to Design Dynamic Web Applications

It’s an era of the World Wide Web, and we know every problem has just one solution Google. This means web development is highly in demand.

It becomes quite difficult as a developer to decide what programming languages we should choose to develop our web applications. We definitely run behind coding languages such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP … But we miss choosing a scripting language which is a secret to attractive web applications.

Now let us get into the web technology and see how ASP.NET is going to help you build up a strong web application. In the later part, we will also discuss various areas where ASP.NET is bringing differences.

About ASP.NET…

ASP.NET is a widely used programming framework for developing websites. ASP is abbreviated form of Active Server Page. This programming tool was launched by Microsoft in 2000. It is an open source software and also has a server-side web application framework technology. You just need to learn C# and Visual basic for it, and you are ready to code!

The best thing is that ASP.NET is evolving. It is coming up with new versions which are giving the flexibility to run and code over different platforms.

Now let us recognise what are the various programming models of ASP.NET. Also, we will discuss how it has been implemented in the .net development company

Knowing Programming models of ASP.NET

Classic ASP

Classic ASP is the core programming model launched in 1998 by Microsoft. It is the first launched server-side scripting language. The file extension for dot net pages is ‘.net’. Most commonly coded in VBScript.

ASP.NET Webforms

After the success of ASP, Microsoft launched ASP.NET webforms in 2002. The code is composed in C# (C sharp). Also, the file extension to ASP.NET webforms is ‘.aspx’. The renewed version of .net is ASP.NET 4.6.


ASP.NET is an application for MVC(Model-View-Controller). Later, it merged with ASP.NET core.

ASP.NET webpages

The ASP.NET webpages is a SPA Model (Single Page Application). It is very much similar to PHP & Classic ASP. Also, the ASP.NET webpage is being merged with ASP.NET core.


ASP.NET API is an API (Application Programming Interface) application model, it is also merged with ASP.NET core.

ASP.NET core

ASP.NET core published in 2016. ASP.NET core is all in one application language. It has merged MVC, webpages and API into one application framework.

It is not easy to cover the whole syllabus of ASP.NET from Classic ASP to ASP.NET core. And we understand it. So in the upcoming section you will get to know about the key benefits of ASP.NET Core and its industrial implementation.

Working with Latest Programming model: Benefits of ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET core is a new boom in the market for web development. We cannot deny that it has not only bring tremendous changes in web application development but also modernized the way of keeping it highly secure. Basically, it a cloud-optimized web framework. It could be run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux is implemented by the best .net development company in USA

Now let’s peep into some of the advantages of implementing ASP.NET core in the IT industry.

-> Since the software industry is gradually adopting cloud technologies, ASP.NET core is the best programming tool. It provides a cloud-based configuration which is highly secured to keep all the data preserved.

-> The best thing about ASP.NET core is that it has the potential of hosting. It allows you to host Apache, Docker or any self-hosting.

-> It gives a jaw-dropping performance. The code is automatically optimized when you program for any UI or API.

-> It is very important that we reduce lines of codes and increase the efficiency of compilation while coding. ASP.NET core is very impressive about it. It has a simple syntax with the less coding feature. That means it is easy to maintain.

-> ASP.NET core provides a flexible framework. You can merge any technologies with ASP.NET to get a better and secure web UI or API.

The software industry has implemented ASP.NET core not only into web-server but also into enterprise application development.

Now let us view some top ranking companies which works into ASP dot net web development.

Top Companies coded using ASP.NET core


Microsoft has written its websites on ASP.NET core. It has scripted there landing pages using their self-launched language. Microsoft also provides dot net development services to its clients.


Dell is one of the top ranking computer and laptop manufacturers. They use ASP.NET MVC for their site designing too. It uses to design its own cloud architecture


StackOverflow is one of the best technology websites for the the developers. They post their queries here, in return looking for the best answers from the best developers. ASP.NET MVC is used by StackOverflow to create dynamic web framework. ASP.NET is executed to build the framework.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an integrated programming platform by Microsoft for various coding services. This platform is written in C# and C++. ASP.NET MVC is entirely responsible for running the whole program. is a famous American web hosting company. It uses ASP.NET MVC to host your website and make it go live on the internet. You can also connect your databases using .net from your webpages. is an online food ordering website. We know you have never imagined about it. We are also wowed that TacoBell uses ASP.NET MVC. It is written for their website and APIs for maps and tracking the items being ordered online.


ASP.NET, what an amazing web framework right? Now can we say ASP.NET have done wonders? If yes! Then start coding for your creative websites now to make it more representable on the internet.