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Does the Best Weighted Blanket for Anxiety Really Work ?

Chances are you’ve probably heard about weighted blankets. They’ve been all the rage lately and cropping up everywhere, from home goods stores to the Today Show to psychological journals and even parenting websites. But what are the benefits of weighted blankets, and what is the science that goes into Huggaroo’s best weighted blanket for anxiety? […]

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The Microwaveable Wrap to End Your Aches and Pains

Everyone has aches and pains. From stiff shoulders to cramps to sinus headaches and migraines, there are hundreds of minor daily aches we have to face in our lives. Pain medications have side effects ranging from annoying to life-threatening and also tend to lose their efficacy the more they are taken. In addition, different types […]

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Buy Headache Ice Wrap Products Designed for Perfection

Sometimes the only thing that works is the tried and true method. That can certainly be true for headaches, migraines, and tooth pain. But luckily in this day and age, even the simple solutions have been innovated for optimal efficiency. Long gone are the days of wrapping a bag of peas in a dishrag and […]

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