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Last year, to the surprise of relatively few people, we discovered that Apple’s iPhones are designed to slow down as their batteries get older. Anyone who’s owned an iPhone for a year or so already knows this of course – older iPhones like the 6S need to be charged far more often, and they just […]

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When It’s Time to Buy a New iPhone Battery

In today’s world, we use our phones for so many small tasks that it can sometimes take a toll on the device over time. Inevitably, a device will lose its shine and luster and start to fade in quality. Even then, we may look at our phones and like the familiarity or comfort it gives […]

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Why You Should Replace iPhone Parts

Everywhere we go, we rely on our phones for everything from information to entertainment to news to shopping and everything in between. We use our phones to get directions, to buy that new song we heard on the radio, to look up information or a review on a product we are about to buy or […]

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Replacing iPhone 7 Plus Parts is Easier than You Think

New year, same concerns about the longevity of our favorite devices. Many device users are more than happy to use models that are several years old, like the popular iPhone 7 Plus, because of the consistency they provide over the years. While the wear and tear of using one device for that long can take […]

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Buy iPhone 6 Battery Replacements from iDemiGods

So much of our life is in our phone. We treat them with such care because there is so much that we store within a phone. We take pictures and save them in our phones. We have contact information for everybody close to us from phone numbers to emails to addresses and more. We use […]

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Buy iPhone 5S Battery Replacements at iDemiGods

This September, the iPhone 5S will turn six years old. It seems like yesterday that the iPhone 5S was released and became the most popular electronic device on the market. The hype is always around the new thing. For Apple users, that usually means marking the date on the calendar when the newest and most […]

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iPhone 6 Plus Parts and More at iDemiGods

Being a competitive technology user today means that you’re subject to a constantly changing environment, whether you rely on your devices for business or simply to keep up with friends and entertainment. You also are at the will of an ever more complex market with increasingly complex devices that require specific hardware for mere functionality […]

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How To Tell If Your iPhone Battery Is Dying

We constantly rely on our smartphones for our daily activities – so when they suddenly start to not work properly, it can be a long and frustrating process before we figure out what’s wrong with them and how to fix them. Once we finally determine the cause of issues, we are then encouraged that it […]

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Buy iPhone Parts at Affordable Prices from a Reliable Supplier

One of the biggest money drains is electronics. What do you get as a gift for yourself or for someone else? Electronics. What is the one thing you use every day throughout the day? Electronics, but, specifically, your smartphone. Apple iPhones and other smartphone devices are a huge component of our every day lives. We […]

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Which iPhone 6S Plus Parts are Replaced the Most?

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sold over 13 million units in its first weekend in 2015, beating out the iPhone 6’s release record of 10 million units in 2014. The 6S and 6S Plus solved the problems consumers noticed about the new series of Apple products. “Bendgate” – the iPhone model bending in half […]

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