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The Ultimate iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Parts Outfitter: Technology today is constantly evolving. Imagine a time when each household had only one computer that had to be equally shared among each family member. Thinking back, that seems like a completely dated phenomenon. Now, in today’s society, almost every person has a smart phone with capabilities […]

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iDemiGods Has Parts for Any iPhone Emergency

iPhone Emergency & parts: Imagine a world where things never break. Medieval bridges dot the horizon and people speed along pristine highways in their shiny Model T’s. No student has ever had to bear the walk of shame to the pencil sharpener after their pencil snaps in the middle of an exam. No one sings […]

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Durability is Apple’s Game | Latest Trend

When it comes to a phone that lasts, I think we all know by now that an iPhone is the premium choice. What reasoning could we have to say this? Well, when it comes down to it, the iPhone is one of the few phones in which you’ll still see those with older models walking […]

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iPhone Parts Fit For The Gods | Tech Blog

If you are someone that is constantly looking at your phone, whether it is to check the time, respond to messages, or update social media, it is devastating when your phone breaks. What is even more upsetting after that is seeing just how much the repair shops want to charge you to fix it. If […]

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Signs your iPad Mini Needs a Battery Replacement

Signs your iPad Mini Needs a Battery Replacement: We all go through it. Smart phones/tablets are just like any useful tool or product we use on a daily basis. And with all that use comes wear and tear. An iPad is no different. After a certain amount of use, its battery will simply begin to […]

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How to Conserve Your iPhone 6’s Battery Life

How to Conserve Your iPhone 6’s Battery Life: The iPhone 6 is a wonderful communication tool, but like all phones, it does have an expiration date. Towards the end of its life span, the battery life will begin to end very quickly, and eventually, it will wind up turning itself off very quickly. There are, […]

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Your Screen Replacement Prayers Answered by iDemiGods

iDemiGods : The word “shattered” certainly doesn’t have many positive connotations. In fact, the very word is enough to strike fear into the common man’s heart. Shattered relationships, shattered dreams, shattered china: it’s almost enough to make you cry. But even worse than those is a shattered smartphone screen; this sordid possibility becomes a sordid […]

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How to get iPhone SE Parts? Why Rebuy or Replace ?

How to get iPhone SE Parts? The best way to get these parts is here, feel free to “Latest technical Reviews” before you get new iPhone and its parts. Unless you’re an extraterrestrial, a traveler from the distant future, or a hermit that has just descended the mountain for the first time in fifty years, […]

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Dad Dropped His Phone…Again | LTR magazine

Dad Dropped His Phone…Again | LTR magazine | Back in 2014, my parents got their very first iPhones. My mom made a smart decision and decided to invest in one of those big, bulky all-encasing phone covers. She still uses it to this day and has never had any issues with a cracked screen or […]

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Buy iPhone 6 Screen Parts | Reviews of iPhone 6

Buy iPhone 6 Screen Parts | Reviews of iPhone 6 | So, it happened. The unthinkable. The sum of all fears: you broke the screen on your beloved iPhone! Maybe you dropped it onto the concrete while you were getting out of your car. Maybe your rascal of a cat batted it off the edge […]

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