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The Best Reviews of Advance Technology

Pipeline Mileage Needs Improvement: Onus On Mid-Stream Companies To Modernize Infrastructure

Since 2010, the crude oil production in North American shale patches have increased by 40% surpassing the figures in Russia and Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, this development has not resulted in better transportation of energy due to old infrastructure and outdated logistic methods. Integrated pipeline systems with automation can accelerate the capacity per barrel and improve […]

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Why Video Contribution Is Replacing Webcasts? Hint: Link Lies Between Video Feeds And Low Latency

People are viewing content not only at home but also on the road, during meetings, enterprise satellite offices and across remote locations. This is just a minuscule snapshot of video contribution which requires immense planning before it is telecast. Many enterprises are opting for video feeds over webcasts to communicate internally for a good reason. […]

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