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Avast Free AntiVirus

Avast Free Antivirus review | Understanding The Pros & Cons

Avast has a paid antivirus program. But we wanted to look at Avast FREE Antivirus because we got a lot of questions about it. Our readers are wondering: how good is Avast as a free antivirus program and if it works flawlessly. And Avast is one of the most popular free programs.

Avast founded in 1988. Now it has become an antivirus giant claiming to be number one in the consumer security market with over 435 million monthly active users worldwide.

Avast Free Antivirus is a powerful tool that provides all the essential antivirus features for Windows, Android, and Mac.

Unlike some of the competition, the Antivirus has no hidden restrictions or limitations that will let you upgrade.

Avast Internet Security has many valuable layers of security: firewall, spam filter, additional ransomware protection, secure DNS system, and sandbox to make suspicious applications more secure. Of course, many anti virus software exists on the market but let’s dive into avast and its details.

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The Avast website has a lot of information about what a free product can do. If you no longer need inflated antivirus packages to install unnecessary extras, you’ll love the power of Avast products.

Some antivirus installers require you to remove competing products, but Avast offers a little more flexibility.

Competing for software aside, there were no other problems with the installation.

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Avast Free Antivirus has many features – more than a few commercial products. It does its best to at least initially prevent it. That sounds great, but there is an immediate problem. Luckily that’s easy to fix.

Another option is to switch to the scan dialog. There Avast provides options to scan specific folders or drives, your entire system, run a scan on the next reboot before Windows launches.

Experts can also set up and schedule custom scans that perform exactly the actions that the user defines. You can also schedule these tasks to run automatically. So you might be able to set up a full review every day with quick and easy scans every few hours. Avast’s web filtering abilities are mostly handled by its browser extensions. Bonus features start with Avast’s award-winning Wi-Fi Inspector.

Software Updater is a simple but effective module that scans for frequently-used software for missing updates, and downloads and installs them. Game Mode automatically disables Avast notifications and increases game process priority to optimize performance.

The Avast UI also includes icons for many other tools, including the firewall and sandbox. They are not available in the free version. If you want to use this you have to upgrade.

If you have problems with how Avast works, you will find many options and optimizations in the settings dialog. Beginners should leave most of these settings alone. Experienced users will find that they get an unusual and very welcome level of fine-tuning over Avast Free and its actions. Protection

The great popularity of Avast Free Antivirus means that it is included by default in just about every test lab report. It is very useful if you’re trying to judge how accurate it might be.

In live malware detection tests, this software correctly identified 97 percent of the threats. This is very different from other independent testing laboratories. Some other labs gave Avast higher scores, while others gave much lower scores for malware protection.

Avast neither stopped threats in the browser nor prevented downloading malicious files. Most other programs, including the Avira Free Security Suite, do just that. Instead, Avast waited, catching every threat as soon as it was completely downloaded. This made us nervous about testing because we knew what kind of damage these threats could cause on our computers.

Av-Test’s home user report in February 2018 that Avast works very well, blocking 100% of the pattern threats and generating fewer false positives than average. The report suggests that some actions may be slowed more than usual, but not enough to notice a difference.

SE Labs uses its own custom scoring system. This also gives Avast a decent mid-range placement of 1/5 of 13. That’s just behind the products from Norton, Kaspersky, ESET, and Avira. Each lab has its own test procedure and there are always different results, but the overall picture is clear.

reconcile Advantage of Avast

The automatic gamer mode knows when you start playing and interrupts some functions to release resources. For online gamers who access websites and programs that tend to host malware. Avast FREE Antivirus is a good choice as it effectively blocks malware and automatically suspends some features while you play.

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This program has several special features that make operation difficult.

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This software does a good job of protecting against malware. Its biggest advantage is for die-hard players because of their intuitive and automatic gaming mode.

you could try here Gamma mode of Avast

The anti-virus gamming mode detects when you play online and automatically activates. It also instantly adds your gaming pages to its safe list. So the game mode will be turned on faster the next time you log in. Gaming mode interrupts some features as you play. So you have all the system resources need to play without delay.

Avast also stops pop-ups that can cause distraction or extra delay in online play. This antivirus still runs lightly in the background to detect threats that try to sneak in.

Installing Avast:

The installation of Avast FREE Antivirus is simple. The dashboard is designed so that you can quickly find the features, tools, and settings you need. But there are some peculiarities in this program.

First, unlike most other antivirus programs we tested, Avast did not add the browser extensions we need. For this, we had to do a little more detective work and look for the extensions.

After installation, Avast tells us when he detected a threat by displaying pop-up messages outside the browser. Even if the threat was a malicious Web site, Avast did not display a warning message in the browser like other programs. Instead, it used the pop-up method. This required us to pay more attention to these warnings. And if we closed the message, it would reappear just to make sure we saw it. This caused a lot of frustration and loss of time as we moved to our next task. We had to wait for the pop-up message to be canceled.


Avast Free Antivirus is a powerful antivirus program that provides solid all-around protection.  You can use the antivirus without any doubt for your computer safety.