Bangalore to Kudremukh – A Fantastic Trekking


Kudremukh in Chikmagalur is one of the fantastic trekking spots near Bangalore to enjoy a weekend or holiday in its full spirit and feel. This is one of the highest mountain ranges and scenic hills to get a complete trekking experience. The name Kudremukh means ‘Horse Face’ and the shape of the hill looks like a horse face to perfectly match with the name. If you are sincerely looking for a serious escape to the laps of nature from the hectic life of the city, then this is the place to select to sip the real beauty of nature in every second.

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Kudremukh is one of the ever time trekking spot to visit. It gains complete beauty and showers the real extravaganza during monsoon.

Feel the real beauty of the green meadows and enjoy the chillness of cold breeze coming out of the peaks. Every second gives you the specials of the trekking and you can experience the spirit right from see url Bangalore to kudrem ukh journey and the place lies at a distance of around 284Km. It takes around 6 to 7 hours to reach this wonderful place from the city of Bangalore.

You can really enjoy these traveling hours since you can feel the difference in the temperature and scenes when you proceed to Kudremukh.

Trek on Green Hills of Kudremukh

The hill gets completely decorated with green color especially in monsoon and sets a good feast for the eyes. The entire hill looks like a lulu and it is really interesting to make every step to the top.

You can enjoy various flora and fauna on the way and from the top. You can watch some breathtaking views of nature. “Kudremukh peak is a place that no people wish to miss and it lies in the Kidremukh National Park.”

Magical Monsoon

As said above monsoon makes Kudrekukh a magical spot. It is the best place to recreate some of the fantastic moments in the life. This seems to be blessings of nature. Once you are at the top of the peak here. You will certainly stay numb for a while with the picturesque view.

Once you regain the consciousness, you will be treated with the flavors of the magical place supported by the cool breeze. And that gives a pleasant sensation inside the sweater. Whenever the city lights and whistles make you bored, visit this magical spot. It will help you to unwind yourself to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

A Night of good Dreams at Kudremukh

Enjoy a complete night in homestay setting to experience the soothing effect of the night. Get engaged in a sizzling campfire and delicious lunch before start loving your bed. Enjoy the breeze and music of nature along with the lights of glittering stars.  Enjoy a night of good dreams gifted by the calm and quiet nature here. And to experience something new in energy level in the morning its the best.

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At present, there are reputed event planners who provide trekking trips from Bangalore to Kudremukh on most of the weekends and all of the special days. They provide a complete trip inclusive of food and accommodation to make you free from any of the usual tensions. Plan your next weekend to this amazing hilltop.


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