.Bayern Munich vs Ajax (3-3) Muller’s kick to the head - Reviews
Bayern Munich vs Ajax

Thomas Muller kicks opponent in the skull

Bayern Munich vs Ajax (3-3) Muller’s kick to the head

Bayern Munich vs Ajax

Bayern Munich vs Ajax | Important minutes –

13′  Robert Lewandowski scores an beautiful goal, first goal of the match.

61′ Dusan Tadic comes with an equalizer, amazing offensive play by Ajax.

67′ Maximilian Wober sent off.

75′ The great karate kick by Thomas Muller.

82′ Dusan Tadic comes again with a goal (P).

87′ Robert Lewandowski gives a good reply with the equalizer just after the goal by Tadic (P).

90′ Kingsley Coman comes and scores a goal, seems Bayern will take the match.

90 + 5′ Nicolas Tagliafico! goal in the last minute. What a equalizer

The Match | Reviews

Yes, it was an amazing match, with all those turn around’s , karate style kicks to the head and such, but even then it has to be said that the performance of Bayern Munich was not upto par.

In the end the match was a draw with the score of (3-3), The German side showed much disappointment in their play with Lewandowski and the manager of the team both found saying that they could’ve done better. The manager also said that the last goal scored by Tagliafico was an offside but also  told that he was not the referee, other than that he praised the calls the referee made on the red cards and the penalties.

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“We have a lot more potential.” Lewandowski told in a press conference .

Ajax gave us an amazing match to watch, which even the Bayern side enjoyed.

Manuel Neur told the reporters how the match was interesting and even the manager said that it was an thrilling game.

At the end Bayern Munich was placed at the top of the Group – E of the Champions League, but without the two points that Ajax took.

Robert Lewandowski was declared the top goal scorer after the match, overthrowing Lionel Messi.

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