Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin and Thick Hair

Gorgeousness is not about having a fair complexion, or the ideal nose or beautiful eyes. On the other hand, we all desire and struggle to maintain our skin glow as we grow old. Same is the case with hair, no matter our hair are long or short, straight or curly. We all want to have a healthy hair on head. Even in young age most of us go for acne or dark circles treatment to have flawless skin. Most of the youngsters also opt to have Hifu Treatment because no one compromise on skin. Here are some tips for glowing skin and thick hair.

1. Exercise Daily

It is obvious that exercising daily keeps you young; it slows your ageing process and enhances your confidence. But it doesn’t mean that you straight away go to take membership in gym.

Exercising doesn’t only affect your body muscles but also your facial muscles. You will notice the sudden change in your skin tone and hair healthiness. It is due to the blood circulation that is stimulated from the exercise converting into a treatment.

Exercise daily

Some other benefits of daily exercising are: 

  • Enhance self esteem. 
  • Feel happier.
  • Lessen stress levels.
  • Lower the blood pressure.
  • Peaceful mind.
  • Reduce anxiety.

go here Tip: Consume almonds one hour before exercise, and sip a cup of green tea (without sugar) 20 min after work out.

2. Have a Peaceful Sleep

A peaceful sleep makes you look younger because your skin, hair as well as your body goes into restore mode when you sleep. During slumber all types of metabolic and hormonal changes takes place in your body and skin. Lack of sleep can encourage irritation together with skin-barrier dysfunction that mostly results in dehydration.

Peaceful Sleep

Lack of sleep can be the reason of hormonal imbalance, threat of obesity, extreme yawning, bad temper and risk of heart failure. In addition to that obviously if you don’t want horrible dark circles and hair fall, some time you need to go for a hair transplant, so you need to have a peaceful sleep. Don’t forget to wear loose clothes as it boosts up the blood circulation during night Tip: To overcome dark circles, apply coconut oil under your eye area daily prior to sleeping, for minimum 2 months.

3. Switch off electronic gadgets before sleeping

If you are using your smart phone or laptop before going to bed (say even one hour) there is a possibility you are interrupt your sleep. It is better to complete your work and text chats one hour or 30 minutes before going to bed. Using a mobile after turning off bedroom’s lights is linked with poorer sleep quality, more sleeplessness, and more indications of tiredness that directly starts showing on your face as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

follow Tip: If you have a habit of book reading before going to sleep, go for a hard copy.

4. Get Facial Spa Every Two Months & Hair Spa Every Four Months

Don’t pay attention to the beautician who advises you to get facial and hair spa every month or twice a month. Obviously you skin will look fresh by frequently having facial and hair spa but drawback is that you’ll get dependent on them. Avoid bleaching every month. Daily contact to the sun also affects skin negatively to a great extent. So take facial spa after two or three months. Having hair spa every month makes hair fragile and extra-soft and that finally leads to breakable and graying hair.

Tip: To increase hair volume, take onion juice and massage it on your scalp. Leave it for a night and rinse off in the morning with any sulfate free shampoo. Follow this process for 3 months.

5. Look for ingredients before using any product

Your face is sensitive as compared to your body, so testing different items can be dangerous and may cause chemical reaction. Almost all beauty items use preservatives which is very harmful. Before buying any product glance at ingredients and choose those which suit your skin. Same is the case with your hair; it is not necessary that if one shampoo suits your friend’s hair it does suits yours as well. You’ve to understand that every skin and hair is different.

Tip: Do not share your comb and towel for hygienic purpose.

6. Give Your Face and Hair a Break

Your face is not a palette that you keep coloring it daily. Same is your hair; you don’t have to curl or straight your hair each and every day. Once a while is okay but you don’t have to use hot stylers or color it frequently.

Try to wear light makeup (if necessary), avoid applying darker shades as these are very hard to remove. Wash your wash thoroughly before going to bed.

Tip: To prevent lips form getting dark, apply coconut oil for the night after removing lipstick.

7. Go for Organic Salads, Boiled Food, and Leafy Greens

Foods stuff that are loaded with fibre can help you not only cut down your body weight but also work as an add-on for fighting acne.  Spinach, avocados, carrots, pomegranate, peas, black beans, oats, broccoli, soya milk etc are rich in fibre. So instead of consuming junk food or deep fried things, it’s better to eat boiled foods, greens and salads

Tip: The moment you have desire for oily food, drink two glass of water.

8. Don’t Smoke and Drink Regularly

We all know how dangerous smoking and drinking can be. The best way to balance it out is to do swimming or yoga every morning. It will help in restoring your face glow and improves hair growth.

Tip: To boost blood circulation in your face, hang your head upside down for 3 minutes daily.

9. Consume Omega 3 Fats

Foods loaded with omega-3 fatty acids include raw walnuts, leafy vegetables, wild salmon, free-range eggs, flax seeds. Healthy foods naturally rich in flavonoids include cherries, lettuce, and raw chocolate.

Omega 3 is helpful in preventing and treating skin diseases like allergies, psoriasis and acne. Fatty acids help to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and uphold proper skin tone.


Always apply sun block before going out in the sun. Not using proper sunscreen can badly harm your skin. Same as hair! Not covering it properly in sun can give devastating results.

Tip: Wear a hat or scarf on your head to give your hair a protective layer. Sun can seriously damage your hair.

Tip: If you’re going in the sun with your hair uncovered, apply UV protection to your hair

11. Moisturize Your Skin when Required

Moisturizing may not be required for the oily skin but if you have dry or normal skin, it is necessary to moisturize it. Your moisturizing schedule during the summer and spring should not be same as the winter and fall. Your skin will dry out more during the colder months. Your hair also needs to be moisturized to avoid drying out.

Tip: If your hair is dry, it may not be required to shampoo daily. Oil your hair every week

Tip: Apply a good moisturizing cream before going to bed.

12. Stay Hydrated

Most of your skin’s moisture comes from the body, so if you are drinking sufficient water, then it results in amazing effects on your skin. Drinking a lot of water does not only affect your skin but also your hair. When you are consuming less fluid, your hair weakens and become fragile.

 Tip: Drink 30-50 ounces of water daily

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