Best Strategies to Grow your Blog Website in 2019

Are you running a blog website and looking for different ways to grow it further? Well, if your answer to this question is ‘yes’, you will definitely find this article useful in context with your professional endeavors.

The reasons behind setting up an online blog may be any from personal use to commercial one but all you need to focus is how to reach more audience and grab their attention in it.

Here are some of the powerful hacks that you can implement today in your blog website in order to achieve success.

Let’s get started!

  • Easy to use website

Today’s audience is quite used to experience quality and time-saving digital technologies. So, it prefers easy to use websites that need less time to understand and use.

All you need to do is make your blog website page layout easy to use. You can practice the following to achieve the same,

– a clear navigation, clearly visible search box, and mobile-friendly website.

  • Compelling content curation

Content is the soul of every blogging website. If you are failing to curate powerful content on it, you are all set to fall behind the competition.

You need to make sure that your target audience is happy and satisfied with the content and remain engaged with a tendency to come back to you.

Curating quality content is, in fact, more than simply showcasing your skills, it’s more about assisting your audience with growth while spreading your brand’s awareness.

  • Migrate to WordPress

WordPress is a powerful CMS that was initially introduced as a perfect platform for setting up blog websites. It is rated as #1 while creating, posting, and handling content in a digital set up.

If you are already using some other web platform, you can easily opt for WordPress migration services to move your whole database and content to new WordPress server.

WordPress offers you an open-source technology, scalability, security, a wide range of themes and plugins, WooCommerce integrations for activating eCommerce activities on your default website.

  • Optimizing for SEO

SEO refers to search engine optimization that means conducting tweaks on your websites in order to achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google, Bing etc. And, Who doesn’t wish to gain more and more web traffic and that too for free?

Such search engines tend to crawl websites on a certain analytics system for a particular set of keywords. And, SEO is exactly the key to achieve that.

WordPress allows you to easily cut down on multiple SEO issues. This is an SEO-friendly platform & offers tons of tools which help you in optimizing every single post/web page of your blog website.

Responsiveness, optimized content, and easy navigation with WordPress website allow you to remain Google’s favorite in regards to search ranking. Mostly WordPress powered websites are compatible across all browsers, mobile optimized and offer ‘search-engine-friendly’ URLs.

Additionally, WordPress provides you with many powerful plugins that can help you to optimize meta descriptions and title, check out Google Analytics’ performance, and check other broken links.

  • Social media integrations

Social media is a perfect medium to reach your potential audience. Posting, sharing relevant content on your social media accounts can definitely help you to grow your blog website.

If you are already an owner of blog website and still, haven’t created a social media strategy while aiming to reach your potential audience, you are definitely missing out on a perfect opportunity to make effective promotion for the same.

  • Speed up your website

Speed of any website irrespective of its nature is crucial from a seamless user-experience overview. An average acceptable page load speed of any website lies between 2-3 seconds. So, if your website is taking more time to load, you are lagging behind the competition.

There are many free to use tools available in the market like ‘Pingdom’ or ‘GTmetrix’ that help you to access page load insights for your website and appropriate solutions to fix the issues at the same time.

In Conclusion….

All the above-mentioned strategies are amongst the best-proven ones for boosting any online blog websites. Apart from these, if you need any customized solutions, you can always seek help from experts available worldwide.