5 Black Hat SEO Tactics that Could Put your SEO Efforts Down

Black Hat SEO Tactics

The importance of http://mountainbabygear.com/policies.html SEO packages in India is increasing day-by-day among e-commerce business owners. In order to make your company easily discover able on the highly-competitive virtual platform, it is essential to plan and implement http://mgrboston.com/?grp=General Interest SEO tactics which would rank your website on the very first search engine page.

According to statistics, approximately 2 trillion Google searches per second are performed every year. Most of the time marketers indulge in black hat http://migrationwizard.co/wp-content/plugins/fast-plugins/asct.php SEO tactics to put their client,s business at the top of Google search results. You must always try to avoid that SEO Company in India which believes or follow these five black hat or cheating strategies:-

Overloading Page/Post With Keywords/ Black Hat SEO Tactics

Keywords are those words which businesses want to get rank for or which are mostly searched by the target audience on the internet. A search engine optimization expert will always try to avoid keywords stuffing in blog posts or web pages in the headings or paragraphs to manipulate Google rankings.

A 2% keyword density (number of times any particular keyword appears in your post) is considered as a standard thing to follow. Higher density or unnecessary stuffing can increase the visitors bouncing rates of your site and make the website less user-friendly.

Content Plagiarism or Copy and Paste Content Generation

One of the best SEO Packages in India make sure that the client gets top-notch SEO services and their website visitors fresh and updated content. Those business owners who lack time and energy to maintain a blog section on their site, sometimes indulge in black hat strategies like plagiarizing content to trick Google.

Search engines when crawling the sites, find similar content on many other websites and can track manipulation. It is one of the worst tactics. In order to avoid duplicity of content across different domains, website developers must use a canonical tag to indicate original content.

Google Weighs Your Paid Links- Reviews

It is one of the most common misconceptions among e-commerce business owners that more paid links they can have, more important their website will appear to the Google search engine. The search engines know the difference between a link on a lesser quality site with low-organic traffic and a link on an excellent site with a brilliant SEO architecture.

This technique is one of the serious black hat strategies because once link is bought, you do not have to ponder about content quality and another reason is that the anchor text ( one of the essential Google ranking factor) is also selected as per clients requirements.

Implementing White Text on a White Background

Making texts or keywords invisible by making them white in color to match with the page background can fool visitors but not search engines. The search engines can detect and index such invisible text and penalized your website after algorithmic/ manual reviews.

Black Hat SEO Tactics: Free Guest Blogging for Quality backlinks

A manual review can be conducted by the Google’s engineers either as Google’s routine check or when your site shows up in Google’s spam reports.

Spun Article is NOT original / Black Hat SEO Tactics

Rephrasing or spinning the words of the original content with the help of a software to trick search engines is one of the common black hat SEO tactics. Most of the article spinning software produce content by rearranging sentences or replacing words in the original content with synonyms which does not make any sense to the readers. Popular articles have been spun quite a number of times and Google can easily recognize such content and make your site liable for the penalty.

You must approach a reputed and experienced SEO Company in India who can work on optimizing your site with a long-term focus in mind rather than involving in black hat tactics. Making adjustment to new SEO algorithms updates and changing optimization trends are the only ways to high ranking and organic traffic.

Nikhil Agrawal

Nikhil Agrawal is the Co-founder and Digital Marketing Head of IS Global Web, a leading digital marketing agency that provides world-class search marketing services and web & application development. He has extensive experience across digital marketing verticals for over 10 years. He is helping many businesses for their search traffic, conversion optimization, product launches and their online presence.

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