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For fashion enthusiasts, it has been a common phenomenon to know about the trends – dominating marketing or who is in limelight in this domain. The same thing is in sports, entertainment, financial and even different other domains, where people wish to know about the celebrities and want to know about their work, their achievement […]

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Know More about Belfast Wedding Photography

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland situated at the mouth of river lagan. Belfast is also known for Iron city in 18th century. Belfast attracts a lot of tourist as it is the heaven for photography. It has many attractive places which are visited by many people for photography. Also some of the people […]

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5 Trending Styles Of Tollywood

The Tollywood film industry is always first in setting up new styles for the audiences. The Telugu movie costumes always come up with different styles that people chose to follow. Many trendsetters in the film industry also emerged here in Tollywood. The following is the list of 5 trending styles of Tollywood that you should […]

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Machine prices generally rose? Apple iPhoneX has a back pot

iPhoneX : I don’t know if you have found a very obvious phenomenon, that is, the price of mobile phones at this stage has generally improved a lot. Of course, aside from Xiaomi and glory, there are some price-performance models. In the domestic mobile phones, Huawei’s Mate10Pro hit a price of five or six thousand […]

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Stephen Hawking is no more with Us

A great scientist – Stephen Hawking   is no more with Us, we can’t pay Him enough tribute as His contribution was more than any other physicist and we can’t thank Him enough for his invaluable gifts to humanity. He was Little Einstein A man who changed entire history of Physics, and we were so lucky […]

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Oscars 2018 Reviews | 90th Academy Awards

Did you hear that? Oscar 2018 What ? 90th Academy Awards – Oscars 2018 started on Sunday (4-04-2018 ) evening and the event host wast none other than Jimmy Kimmel. Are you exited? Are you really exited? Yes, oh! Wow who is not, so lets see who got this award and who did not. Hollywood, […]

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Why Priya Prakash Varrier is popular today? | Viral Video

One viral video can change your life, yes it happens and it has happened with #priyaprakash also. Priya prakash Warrier is popular today and has got third rank in the list of “the most popular celebrity on the Instagram, and on the internet also. She has got only one video viral, in the video she […]

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Bahubali-2 Movie has created History in Indian Cinema

Technology used in Bahubali-2 is comparable to that used in Hollywood movies and the animation used in the movie is so amazing that we feel like we are in Disney world. Yes Bahubali2 is already a huge hit and has made historic records on box office. Bahubali 2 : It is the only movie in […]

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Manisha Koirala Interview by Kapil Sharma | Broadcasted on 20/05/2017

The vary talented, very beautiful Manisha Koirala was  interviewed by famous comedian Kapil sharma on his ‘The Kapil sharma Show” on 20th may 2015. And there is not a single doubt in the show’s consistent success as it has been more than 100 the most successful TV shows and still counting. After DD national television […]

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Justin Bieber LIVE Concert Mumbai | JUSTIN BIEBER VIDEO CONCERT INDIA 2017- PURPOSE TOUR | Super Successful Concert

It was the first time when such a big celebrity like Justin Bieber came to India for his live concert. There is no doubt, the concert ended up with huge success and during the live show of Justin every girl in the hall screamed for him like hell. It was a huge-huge success and Justin […]

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