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As the fifth iteration of one of the best-selling fitness wearables, the Apple Watch and its suite of apps focuses on user fitness, biometrics and health research. The Watch Series 5 will have an always-on display while delivering, Apple says, the same all-day, 18-hour battery life as previous models. It’s something other watches have had, […]

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Can Gamers of Today become Streamers of Tomorrow?

Gone are the days when you had to own a PC or a console to own a game and play it. The next generation of cloud gamers now can choose, subscribe and download their favorite games. Video streaming as a service has always been available. Companies like Steam have been the pioneers of game streaming […]

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HSSLIVE Plus Two Notes & Plus One Notes: English, Physics, Economics, Hindi & Computer Science

HSSLIVE Plus Two Notes HSSLIVE Plus Two Notes:- Key Notes for HSSLIVE Plus Two Subjects for Class 12 Students is given here. Important topics of 12th HSSLIVE PLus Two are covered. These plus two notes will provide you an overview of all the chapters and important points to remember. These are very useful summary notes […]

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Electric Planes in Next 5 Years- If Elon Must is Right

Elon Mus is upto something bigger, yes this time He is going to fly in Electric Planes. If sources are to be believed then you will see Electric Planes in the next 5 years. After giving affordable Electric cars to Americans, the multi-billionaire – Elon Musk is eyeing on a sustainable modal of air crafts […]

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Why 5G Won’t Replace Fiber or Cable Broadband

To say that 5G cellular technology providers have their work cut out for them is an understatement. Tech enthusiasts and bloggers are expecting so much from this upgrade that in the event that it fails to deliver, it would prove to be a major source of disappointment for all. Let us start from the very […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Tech Magazines

Investing in technology product and services offers entrepreneurs a platform for business profit. apparently, steering business and code methods toward the school business scales a venture up for Brobdingnagian potential to contribute to economic development. once it involves typical school enterprising, a business is either AN SME or a startup, unconditionally. The World Bank categorizes […]

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What is a webinar and how should it be integrated into your business marketing strategy?

The word Webinar (in English) refers to a conference given on the Internet, live; is a combination of the word Web and Seminar for Webinar to come out. Some call the Webinar event by other names, such as: Internet conference, Internet conversation, live Internet broadcast, web conference, e-seminar and online seminar; all with the same […]

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Content Aggregation- What is it and Best Content Aggregators of 2019

Content Aggregators are the tools that help in the collection of information or data on a particular topic and present them in a customized manner on one single screen.” Content Aggregation can be a great asset in Digital Marketing. You can embed social media feeds on your website to engage visitors. Content Aggregators are fast […]

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1-2-3 steps to get the best of online trading

Get along with technology Since we are living in the so-called technology era, we cannot get away from it, it will for sure make our lives easier in many aspects. So is the case of our finances and business, our financial life will definitely be a lot more solid if we expand it throughout technology. […]

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