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How “Siri” Has Collaborated with “Ok Google”

06/12/2018 Hey Siri! How do I make support for you?  A turn out the answer is to connect with the Google assistant. A recent update released by the Google to its Assistant app for iOS to support Siri shortcuts has been given. Therefore, you can get some decent voice in your iPhone. It means that you […]

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Price list for Paid Guest Blogging

Price list for Paid/Sponsored Guest Blogging | SEO | Backlinks


Price list for Paid Guest Blogging | Want to do some guest posting on our tech blog | Latest technical Reviews? Price list for Paid Guest Blogging | SEO | Quality Backlinks Check the price list for one article as Guest Post on our Tech blog $20 – Content provided by You, posted from your […]

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Free V/s Paid Guest Blogging

Free V/s Paid Guest Blogging | SEO | Build Quality Backlinks


Free V/s Paid Guest Blogging | SEO | Build Quality Backlinks: Did you know what is backlink? A backlink is a link on some other site pointing to your website or blog. If that website has good rank or traffic then the link is called quality backlink. And you should work only for quality backlinks, otherwise, […]

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Guidelines for Free Guest Posting | tech blog for free Guest Blogging

Guidelines for Free Guest Blogging | SEO | Quality Backlinks


Guidelines for Free Guest Blogging | SEO | Quality Backlinks Do’s & Don’t s Avoid copy paste : Start writing original content and then hit publish. Always try to come up with new idea, catchy if you can Don’t just add do-follow backlinks, first add large and useful content. Commenting is the best way to […]

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E-Learning Mobile Application

5 Must-Have Features For an E-Learning Mobile Application


E-Learning Mobile Application: In this digitized world with the changing needs of the people the way we do things have changed a lot from shopping, eating out to the way we study and gain knowledge has also changed. The education industry has also moved to the digital era with the advancement of technology. Nowadays the […]

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Why SEO Is A Must For Ecommerce Sites

Search Engine Optimization in 2018


Do you know Search Engine Optimization? Oops…Hold On, it is time to understand it, why? Let’s read more- You may have heard about SEO, and you know that it is important, but for many business owners, search engine optimization can seem like a complete mystery. Why does SEO matter? And more importantly, what is it […]

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SEO Planning

Latest 5 Keys Google Analytics Features to Explore for Better SEO Planning


Search Engine Optimization is not an easy job now, which required intensive planning and long-term commitment to succeed. SEO Planning should be well planned and fine-tuned before implementing and also meticulously tracked with the available data to gauge its success. Gut-feel based decision making may be great when you are purchasing a new dress or […]

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Android P

Everything about Android P


Android P update, Did you hear that? Latest update of Android P will help  you in avoiding direct contact with you phone. It means, you can control everything by gestures, voice and other easy tricks. It will be launched later this year 2018, this new update will have a new dashboard that gives you info […]

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The Top 10 Companies in the World

The Top 10 Companies in the World


Do you know, where do professionals most want to work in America? Well ! (The Top 10 Companies in the World ) Here are the Top 10 Companies in the World where people from all countries want to work. Of course Apple tops the list but trends are changing and more people are tending to work […]

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PyeongChang 2018

PyeongChang 2018 | Latest trends in Olympics 2018


Winter Olympics 2018 – PyeongChang 2018 | Latest trends in Olympics 2018 : you haven’t missed even  a single game of this Olympics, have you? It was really awesome experience watching every single game which was performed like it was the last part of the player’s life. Cut throat competition, every piece has been so […]

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