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Can you buy viagra legally online - Where to buy viagra in london shops

Content for online Business | Over a Decade online platform has become the easiest way for a business to connect with its customer and clients. It has been providing great benefits for business communication. A great content and a successful business go hand in hand. Nowadays new and innovative online business models are coming. Everyone […]

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Reviews of LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity

Kickstarter has been a good place for launching new technology and some cool startups have been doing this great job of launching their projects here. LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity is one of the recent project from kickstarter and has been funded by many people, so its worth thinking about this project. It is […]

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Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0: 12 Camera-Enhancing Lens 1 Sleek Case

Its simple the best –  SHIFTCAM 2.0 finally its out in Kickstarter but fund is really under process so everyone can’t have their hands on it. Read full  Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0 : This is an upgrade to its previous version of Shiftcam 1.0, now it has 6 – in – 1 mechanism, better lenses […]

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Reviews of Mofin: The Best Gravity Wireless Phone Charger For Car

Mofin is the world’s best gravity wireless charger, and you can’t beat its easiness. The natural gravity and weight of the phone makes it conveniently secure and brings it out in few seconds. Simply put your phone on the top of the charger and its arms will automatically lock the phone in place to start […]

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Latest Technology in the World | Videos

Wow ! Latest technology with AI can change the world, in fact big tech companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing… have already started using AI in their services. So why can’t we check them out today, okay so lets go through latest tech videos in 2018– Did you like it? comment your thoughts , We care […]

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GR-1 Granular Synthesizer | Reviews

It is a newest type of hardware  musical instrument, and it is giving hands on control in creating characteristic texture & pads.  GR-1 Ranular synthesizer is a classic of its own, is good enough in creating textures, characteristics sounds,  drones,  sound scapes, pads and much more. About GR-1 Granular Synthesizer | Reviews by LTR It […]

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Latest Embr Wave: A Thermostat For Your Body

Embr Wave gets Warm up or cool down when you need it most and this amazing wear has been  Founded at MIT, backed by Bose Ventures & Intel Capital. So this can be a very popular in upcoming years, we are mentioning some of great details about this new kickstarter project. At the press of […]

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Top tech coming in 2018 | Latest tech & trends

Top tech coming in 2018 has a huge list but for now, we are just mentioning some of them- You can watch the video and can see details about them. Some of the technology that we are going to see in 2018 may astonish you, but all of them will be of super use in […]

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Reviews of Staunton Media Lab Unveils ARMi Assistive Technology Arm

This amazing technology, ARMi was showed on Kickstarter on September 1- ARMi is a new technology for disabled, its Assistive technology Arm, and as it has been introduced on Kickstarter; it requires 500 units to be full filled otherwise Staunton Media Lab Unveils ARMi Assistive Technology Arm Isn’t it cool- Staunton Media Lab Unveils ARMi […]

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