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The position of audiovisual technology in education should not be underestimated. There might be two reasons for this one, cooperating ambiance and learning via Av produces an inspiring that is very helpful to learn. We are living in an audiovisual age and this means that if you have the skill to use Av equipment then […]

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HSSLIVE Plus Two Notes & Plus One Notes: English, Physics, Economics, Hindi & Computer Science

HSSLIVE Plus Two Notes HSSLIVE Plus Two Notes:- Key Notes for HSSLIVE Plus Two Subjects for Class 12 Students is given here. Important topics of 12th HSSLIVE PLus Two are covered. These plus two notes will provide you an overview of all the chapters and important points to remember. These are very useful summary notes […]

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a real-time and interactive experience created by combining the physical elements we perceive in the world around us with data from computer-based graphics, video, audio, GPS, etc. Thanks to the hardware and software used in Augmented Reality applications, virtual data is enriched by adding virtual data on the real world that we […]

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Running a Restaurant is Stressful, but Tech can Lessen That Load

Like everything else, the point of sale (POS) market is saturated with options to choose from, and every product offers special features, models and specifications. There is an extensive array of offerings targeted towards restaurants of different sizes and that can make it difficult to find the one that best suits the need. However, the […]

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Empower Your Mobile App Development Applying BI and Analytics

Today’s new businesses are arriving with advanced technologies, as many of us know what is business analytics helpful for our services and products that reach a wider audience.The Big Data apps of today’s Business Intelligence and Analytics Power are having time. There are very few areas left untouched by experts who are experts with data […]

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Office Replacement Parts Has the Replacement Casters Your Office Chairs Need

When you have any sort of position in procurement for an office’s odds and ends, whether you have ties to administrative assistance or you are an office manager who wears multiple hats, you can understand just how many things in the average office require attention or maintenance in a given day. Only you can truly […]

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With Pre-Engineered Industrial Shed, You Do Not Have To Worry About Materials, Work/Land Permits!

Industrial shed manufacturer offers pre-engineered portable structures which industries can use as factories, warehouses, workshops, covers, and shelters. Proficient shed manufacturers combine advanced technology and durable core material like ACP. This core material is UV and chemical resistant, fungi/termite/borer resistant, and recyclable. Why do you need to approach experts for the designing and manufacturing of […]

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Busted Office Chair? Go Straight to Office Replacement Parts

Anyone who’s ever assembled an office chair, let alone performed impromptu service or repairs on one can attest to the impressive intricacy of their design. Almost surprisingly, what at first appears to be mundane accessories to a room comes to life with a vibrant design that was hitherto unknown. That is all well and good […]

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Common Office Chair Problems You Face

There are many different ways that people approach an office job and that is what is unique about working in an office with many different personalities. No matter how you approach the job, one thing that everyone has in common is that they have a desk and office chair where they spend most of their […]

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A few Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Netgear EX6100

Netgear EX6100 WiFi extender increases the distance of a home network by enhancing the existing WiFi range and boosting the overall signal quality over a long distance. Netgear EX6100 setup extender repeats the internet signals from an existing WiFi router or the access point (AP). Meet Your Range Extender Prior to installing the range extender, […]

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