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Dad Dropped His Phone

Dad Dropped His Phone…Again | LTR magazine

18/07/2018 Dad Dropped His Phone…Again | LTR magazine | Back in 2014, my parents got their very first iPhones. My mom made a smart decision and decided to invest in one of those big, bulky all-encasing phone covers. She still uses it to this day and has never had any issues with a cracked screen or […]

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Maintain Your Pool and Spa

Premium Wholesale Vaping Supply | LTR magazine

13/07/2018 Premium Wholesale Vaping Supply | Vaping has quickly become one of the hottest markets, and it’s only getting more popular. It’s the way of the future. Now is the time to build your business up and pave your way to continued success. Finding a dependable, top-notch resource of wholesale vaping supplies is a critical step […]

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White Mountain Knives

White Mountain Knives | Live by the Blade | LTR magazine


the Blade | White Mountain Knives |Imagine, if you will, you are on a hunting trip with your closest and oldest friends and you shoot the biggest buck you have ever seen. It is so large in fact, that you cannot seem to easily fit the whole thing in your bag. Now, as a prepared […]

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Olga Tokarczuk Opowiadania bizarne ebook | Download | Reviews


KSIĄŻKA ELEKTRONICZNA ZA DARMO Olga Tokarczuk Opowiadania bizarne ebook Wersja językowa: PL Wielkość: 5,8 MB Format: pdf, epub, mobi Wszyscy jesteśmy bizarni. Reviews Zaskakujące i nieprzewidywalne opowiadania, dzięki którym inaczej spojrzymy na otaczającą nas rzeczywistość. Pochodzące z języka francuskiego słowo “bizarre” znaczy dziwny, zmienny, ale też śmieszny i niezwykły. Taka właśnie – zadziwiająca i wymykająca […]

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Ducati Scrambler 1100 sport

Ducati model 2018 for sports | Tech Reviews


Ducati model 2018 for sports | Tech Reviews Once underway, the Scrambler 1100 proves to be staggeringly easy to ride. Its throttle response is excellent, and not at all snatchy or jerky. The big twin’s torque is blissful around town, lugging me out of corners and away from lights when I’m too lazy to drop […]

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Images of LTR magazine

Images of LTR magazine | tech Blog for Free Guest blogging


Images of LTR magazine: It is a tech blog where Reviews of latest technology and trends are published everyday. Most of the articles are posted by Guest, and some reviews are posted by the Admin himself. If you want to become “Guest Blogger for free” Simply Register here, verify your Gmail and Login to start […]

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Social Media Sharing Buttons

How to Create Social Media Sharing Buttons


Ultimate Guide for Creating Social Media Sharing Buttons Sharing is like a wildcard when you want your content shared all over social media and other web channels. Whereas many businesses agree that these buttons are crucial, not everyone agrees on how they should be put to use. If your social share buttons are optimized, they […]

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BMW 7 Series

Land Rover Discovery – tech Reviews


 Land Rover Discovery | Are you looking for a car- best on rough route? Here is the thing, a car when turned on in beast mode, gives you comfort even off road. This is Land Rover Discovery- best in ride on hard yards, our LTR team ran it for seven months to test its full […]

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OnePlus6: Phone of the Year

OnePlus6: Phone of the Year


Phone of the year -2018: OnePlus 6, why we are calling it so, read and know what amazing features that this phone have to become the best phone of the year 2018? SEE ALSO: how to write about OnePlus6: Phone of the Year for free? It is the best-value phone for its price- $529 or […]

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Everything about LTR magazine

Everything about LTR magazine


Everything about LTR magazine | LTR magazine is an Online Marketing Company founded by an Engineer – Murari Sharma, in 2016. This Organization handles website designing, SEO, SMO, Logo designing, Digital marketing and other works based on digital promotions. The blog of LTR magazine is – Reviews by LTR where team of LTR post “tech reviews” […]

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