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Everything about LTR magazine

Everything about LTR magazine


see Everything about LTR magazine | LTR magazine is an Online Marketing Company founded by an Engineer – Murari Sharma, in 2016. This Organization handles website designing, SEO, SMO, Logo designing, Digital marketing and other works based on digital promotions. The blog of LTR magazine is – Reviews by LTR where team of LTR post “tech reviews” […]

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Guest blogging

Best ways to start Guest Blogging today | Tech Reviews

01/03/2018 How to start Guest blogging or guest posting ? If you have the same question in your mind, you have come to right place. Well you maybe doing great in your respective fields, but why not go to the next level. getting one step ahead of others is always better, but it requires efforts and […]

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Mattress Reviews

Latest Idea to Get the Best Deal When Buying a New Mattress


Mattress Reviews | Nearly, a third of one’s life is spent in bed. It makes sense not to settle for anything which is not according to your required parameters? Latest Idea to Get the Best Deal When Buying a New Mattress, to find the perfect combination of pillow and mattress is a nightmare for customers, […]

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2018 Audi A6

2018 Audi A6 | Specifications


We rank this car as #1, giving 9+ out of 10 and yes this car deserves it all. 2018 Audi A6 is a luxury mid sized car that is well rounded sedans in the market. And of course this car does have powerful automatic transmission, Front wheel drive 2.0 liter/ 121, mpg 25 in the […]

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The best car in 2018

The best Cars in 2018


These are some amazing list of best cars you can put your hands on the wheel, actually here is a details of all type of Top cars in 2018, but it depends on your choice which one suits you the best. You can opt the luxury or the other common person’s choice but don’t worry […]

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Artificial Intelligence & latest technology

Artificial Intelligence & latest technology


Artificial Intelligence & latest technology have popped up in the world of tech, recently & scientist have got funding from businessmen to put them out. Scientific breakthrough, launch of latest technology in the market, getting consumers attention, and of course these new Sci/tech have their own problems as well. What problems would you be facing […]

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Google Home max speaker



War for the best VA has already begun and big tech companies like Google, Amazon etc are working hard to prove their product to be the one that certain can take your eye ball out. Google has released Google Home Max and it can remember or act according to your voice instructions. Cool Na? Yes […]

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Top 10 tech blogger

Top-10 Tech bloggers | technology


want to start your new blog, is it about technology? Yes, then you should have a look at these Top-10 Tech bloggers where reviews of latest technology can be read in details. And the best way to get ideas about newest technology launched in the world is search more and more so you may find […]

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Christmas Day celebration

This is how you should celebrate Christmas at Home


This is how you should enjoy on this Christmas | wow very hot Video Jesus Christ’s birthday celebration on 25th December as Christmas every year, and this day is mostly celebrated in the month of December, every year – around the globe. Actually 25th December is not the exact date of Jesus Christ’s birth but […]

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Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-Class interior updated


The new interior of Mercedes G-Class gives full control over the infotainment system without taking hands off the wheel, and the wheel has touch- sensitive button. And the interior has been changed entirely after almost 40- years, now looking at the new interior you can call it swanky and more adorable than before, actually the […]

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