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Co-working Spaces

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Co-working spaces started as a very small movement which initially catered to a small & niche crowd of professionals majorly consisting of the startup entrepreneurs and IT professionals. This small industry which started around a decade ago across the globe has gained considerable momentum and eventually grown up to be a booming industry.

There are more than 14000 co-working spaces around the world and around 1 million members are using these co-working spaces in 2018. These new shared offices are defining the work culture in an altogether different way or we can say that the co-working spaces are renovating the traditional office culture in a major way.

Firstly, working from the comfort of home for some people can be convenient. But it creates isolation. And in several traditional offices, there are no opportunities for interacting with the other businesses.

In case you are an entrepreneur, then co-working undoubtedly offers you several flexibility benefits. There are certain benefits like no commitment for a long-term office lease, benefits of Wi-Fi and printing and the platform to interact as well as network with several other professionals co-working from the same space. And for those entrepreneurs who are on the go constantly, the members of the shared spaces have the option of using their memberships at the multiple locations. This concept is drastically changing the ways the professionals look at the old offices.


 Co-working space Bangalore | Tech Reviews


There is a long list of benefits that you can count upon when you choose a co-working space over a traditional office. There are several facilities in a co-working space which you can’t even think of possessing in a traditional office. Some of these modern facilities which are readily available in all of the well-organized co-working spaces are social events, guest speakers, well-stocked kitchen, games areas, gyms, nap areas and several others which facilitate in building the right proportion of work-life balance that is never possible in a conventional office.

Also, there are facilities like availing a state-of-the-art conference room, access to high-speed & reliable internet connectivity and collaborating with the members from across various industries make co-working a great option to opt for as compared to the traditional offices, home or café.

Even amongst the several growing companies which eventually outgrow their workspace and require more of a conventional office setup, they move out of the co-working space and build their private office inspired by the co-working office culture. There are several companies which have proved to grow immensely and expand because of the benefits that they have reaped from their initial days in a co-working space. In several of the cases, the promoters of these companies have collaborated with other like-minded members of the shared offices and built a success story together.

Co-working Spaces- FREE GUEST BLOGGING

And, Co-working has developed as such a phenomenon which offers the right solutions to professionals who require various things in their daily work routine and wanted to stay away from the dreaded isolation that may affect while working from home for a long time at a stretch. Actually, Co-working space has got an environment where the community is believed to be the prime key.

The sharing of the ideas and the prospects of collaboration amongst the coworkers plays an instrumental role and boosts the production levels of the members operating from the co-working spaces. Thus, we can very well conclude that the co-working space is mightily renovating the traditional work culture and revolutionizing it big time.

Coworking space Bangalore is seen to be the most progressive ones in India in the recent years and this has been very obvious from the growth of the co-working spaces in the city. iKeva is one of the most popular co-working spaces in Bangalore which is playing a pivotal role in renovating the traditional work culture in India.

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