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Driverless Minivans, Electric Race Cars & Luxury Coupes have been in the news throughout the year 2017, we say “happy new year to all our readers who have been with us through out the year”, we have seen so many tech & trends in the car industry this year: family-friendly minivans, electric taxis, Ultra-luxury coupes, impossible-to-park SUVs, plug-in hybrids, compact city cars, race cars, battery-electrics, and (of course) a crop of Tesla.

Our LTR magazine’s team had a change to drive more than 50 luxuary cars this year 2017, generally tech companies producing cars loan demo to reporters so we can give them feedback about the performance, comfort and all about the requirements that a customer would be in need.

This year 2017 was a year for fastest growing of newest tech, new launches in auto industry, Electrification, mobility actions like ride hailing & vehicle sharing and many startups were initiated this year, mostly in the tech industry.

with all tech & trends in the mind, here is our list of latest cars we drove in 2017 that were among our favorites–

Cheapest viagra 100mg, Reviews cialis vs viagra

I drove a wide range of cars this year– compact battery electric cars,  the best convertibles and big gas guzzlers–but the most adorable of all was the one I didn’t drive a all, but the coolest car that drove me to my office.

Please go ahead and check this out!

Waymo’s Driverless minivan : The transition from manual to automated driving will be slow and complicated, and probably messy. But when it does come, it will completely transform how we get around. Riding in a Level 4 driverless vehicle was as close to a glimpse of the future of mobility as I’ve ever seen. We are still decades away from a reality in which these types of vehicles are able to roam freely through our cities and communities without restrictions.

Waymo's minivan
Reviews of Waymo’s minivan


GreenWheels Car
Reviews of GreenWheels Car


Mitsubishi 2017
Reviews of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi’s newest model 2018 Outlander PHEV has some  unique features and style, when you turn it on then this car turns into hybrid mode but only when the battery is full powered.

If you want to rely on it, drive a bit slow and you will trust on its battery life and this may happen until the gasoline engine kicks on and becomes live. In fact you can use the button to turn on the EV mode, in this mode charge to regenerate the most energy back into the battery, or you can use it to save the battery for the best use only, i.e. in case of heavy traffic or in less residential area.


Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 – Reviews


London's new electric car
Reviews of London’s new electric car



Reviews of FORMULA E CAR


Reviews of 2018 HONDA ODYSSEY