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Driving Innovations
    Driving has greatly transformed thanks to some major technological developments. These innovations have turned driving into a different experience altogether due to increased safety, security, comfort, and luxury of the automobiles. Vehicles have become more than a means of getting from one point to another, and have transformed into entertainment units, where you get a great music system, video watching system, and even Internet to do your work.

Also, automobiles have become very comfy and luxurious. If you operate passenger buy viagra cheapest price bus fleets, you should consider installing Wi-Fi routers on the buses. You can check out the bus wi-fi routers overview to get ideas on which one to choose to best suit your customers’ needs.

    Here are some driving innovations that have moved the automotive industry up a notch higher:
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It is estimated that from 2016, the sale of electric cars has hit about 10 million units. The high adoption rate could explain why main automakers such as VW, General Motors, and Daimler AG have gotten into this lucrative market. The main reason attributed to the sharp rise in the production of electric vehicles is the dropping levels of non-renewable energy sources.

The high demand for electric cars is evident in the European market. It has been projected that by the close of 2018, electric car sales will have exceeded 5% in the UK and will be about 12% in the US. The adoption of the electric car will be of great benefit to the environment, as it will also reduce carbon emission in addition to minimizing pressure on non-renewable energy sources.

    The emergence of crossover vehicles

Crossover vehicles have become a big hit for the current generation, which seeks to enjoy the comfort of an SUV while at the same time saving on fuel and operational costs.

The crossover is a blend of the regular sedans and SUVs. It offers a convenient way to commute without having to give up comfort and style, as well as reduces fuel consumption. This is a great innovation that has revolutionized driving, making it more comfortable, cost-effective, and stylish.

    Car sharing |  Bus wi-fi Routers

Experts who study the automotive industry have observed that over the past several years, there has been a great decline in the emotional attachment to vehicles.

The reduced attachment reflects an increase in the car-sharing phenomenon, which has gained substantial popularity, even in emerging economies in the EMEA and APAC region. Car-sharing has been promoted by innovations like Uber, one of the major players in the sector. By 2030, it is expected that one out of every ten vehicles will be a shared vehicle, a good indicator of the increased awareness of the need to conserve the environment.

Cloud-powered automotive industry

    A major innovation in driving has been the use of cloud technology. One good example of this is automotive telematics, which is a highly flourishing market. The use of this technology has reduced wastage on fuel and labor hours, as tracking the vehicle and driver behavior prevent route alterations and irresponsible driving. It has also promoted better customer service due to timely deliveries and proper updating of the customer on the vehicle location, thus fostering good relations.

    Conclusions & Reviews

There are many other innovations related to driving, such as the production of autonomous vehicles—although these are still being perfected—integrating IoT and connected devices in the auto industry, and installation of safety devices, all of which have transformed the driving experience.


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