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Is there a more loved technological product than the device to transmit Roku video? Both with the stick version and with the box, a video transmission to the TV is achieved with almost unrivaled quality: Netflix, Hulu, HBO and much more.

And even despite this, it could be much better. Below we have outlined nine ways in which you can improve your experience with the Roku Setup, from organizing channels to adding buttons (really) to the remote control of your Roku.

Utilize your phone as the Roku console keyboard

Is there anything more terrible than using a remote control to try to communicate with a keyboard on the TV screen? With procedure like this, something as simple as signing up for your Netflix account can be a slow and agonizing task. Let’s not say having to search for an actor or a movie.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. The solution is to use your phone as you should know, the Roku app (Android / iOs) by support.roku can work as a remote control for your Roku. However, they also include a keyboard makes entering data simpler and less hectic.

So every time you end up with a Roku console keyboard on your TV, either to register or search, open the Roku application, hit Remote and after that hit the keyboard symbol that shows up at the base of the screen.

for more info visit:- https://bit.ly/2FTz6Hl