Everything about Android P

Android P

Android P update, Did you hear that?

Latest update of liquid viagra buy uk Android P will help  you in avoiding direct contact with you phone. It means, you can control everything by gestures, voice and other easy tricks. It will be launched later this year 2018, this new update will have a new dashboard that gives you info about how often, when, and for how long you are using all the apps.

It will give you an interface which allow you to set limit on yourself, wow! you can set limit on the use of apps like – facebook, Instagram, and other.

Feature, specification Everything about Android P

  • “Digital Well being”
  • “design ethicist”
  • iPhone like navigation, gestures

Last year, Android Oreo was launched, and it was more about internal changes rather than user facing – features. But this year ” Sundar Pichai” has announced several features of “Android P”, still what “P” stands for is not cleared by “Google”.

  • biggest update ever
  • Parental control

Do you know how many Android users are there in the world?

2- billion Android users and still growing, Google- has it and feels the responsibility to update it in a manner that everyone can use it for a better life.

So, chill!

This new update – buy Keppra online uk Android P will make billions of people happy, why? lets read and understand-

  1. This new update has some unique tools to avoid the continuous distractions from your smartphone.
  2. New Usage dashboard that gives you a lot of information about apps that you are using.

This is how Android P  breaks down the data-

  • It tells you how many minutes you have used your smartphone a day.
  • It gives you details of notifications you have received throughout the day.
  • A neat and clean Pie chart of time for how long you used an app.
  • Everything is broken hour by hour, How you are interacting with each app, everyday.

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  • It will give you better relationship with your phone
  • This update will give you all the details about “how you have used your phone?”
  • Wow! it will also tell you whether it is good or not- opening an email at 11pm, quiet helpful.
  • It gives you “Awareness”
  • “Control”
  • And full information about “usage”
  • Parental control is there, already in your phone but not for your child, its for you, dear smartphone or android user. 😀
  • This new update is more aggressive when your cheapest place to buy doxycycline tablets turn on DND, almost no notification is shown on the lock screen. And it buzz only when someone tries to reach you.
  • More control over notification bar
  • Best update for corporate users, no distractions at all

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