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Cake boxes

Everything I Learned Making a Wedding Cake Boxes from Scratch

There are many professional bakers out there who offer their services for baking the bridal cakes, put them in fancy Wedding Cake Boxes and charge a handsome amount for it. Ordering a cake and getting it cooked from a professional baking expert might look a bit comfortable and you might think that you are avoiding a tiresome job, but here is the thing. This professionally baked cake might save your time, but it will, for sure, lack one thing that is the love and passion one can put in while preparing the cake. This is the reason that most of the people prefer to bake it at home using DIY techniques. Some are even lucky enough that they are asked by the couple to prepare it for their special day. Baking a cake for the special day of a loved one is truly an honor, and the couple trusts those who get the chance to do so. The couple believes the person and his/ her skills that he/ she will not let them down and make sure that they will get the perfect cake as a wedding gift from him/ her.

Cake Boxes

So what are the things that need to be considered while preparing a cake at home? Here are some basic things that will help you out in this regard.

  1. Start from the beginning as a pro

    Getting a bridal cake ready is neither a path of thorns nor a bed of roses, it is something between the two, and the one who takes the responsibility should act like one. To get the job done in time, one must follow the footsteps of a professional baker of all the dos and don’ts. So first of all, have a detailed discussion with the couple to get to know what are their expectations and demands for the special day. Keep it in mind and also do not forget to remind the couple as well that the cake for the special day needs to have smaller slices than the regular cakes for birthdays and parties. Jot down all the requirements of the couple and also confirm how many tiers of the cake they want. One more thing to verify is the flavor of the cake with the type of icing and topping they wish for it.
  2. Estimate the cost precisely

    Baking a cake does not come free it involves a value that should be estimated before time or else you might find yourself in substantial financial distress at the 11th hour. Whether you are baking the cake for the couple as a gift or you are charging for it, for both the cases you need to estimate the amount precisely. The estimated amount should also include the cost of packaging that is to be used for cakes. Instead of exhausting yourself with the burden of looking the container for the cake, go to a trusted packaging supplier and get the accurately sized box. Many online packaging solutions providers manufacture Cake Boxes for Wholesale as well as for the retail customers. Consider them according to their organic ratings and reviews and do not get trapped with a bogus company.
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  3. Get the raw material before time

    To avoid any trouble, get the raw material before time whether you are purchasing it from an online or a local store. Get the list of the required ingredients ready and bring them home as early as possible but do not forget that some items might look good when they are fresh. In that case, keep a couple of stores in sight from where you can get these items whenever they are required.
  4. Keep practicing before the final day

    A bridal cake is not something that you can afford to be ruined, whether for the shape or the taste. So you must practice it again and again before the final day comes in. In that way, the couple can also get a chance to taste the cake before time and ask for the changes if required. Not only the preparation of the cake but also its packaging should be tried and tested before time. For that purpose, you should order the Cake Boxes in Bulk quantity from the packaging manufacturer so that you are aware of the fact that how the cake will but packed and how it should be taken to the place where it is intended for.
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  5. Deliver it with someone, not solo

    Preparing the cake might have taken a long and tiresome effort, and all the energy can go in vain if the cake is spoiled while delivering it to its destination. Instead of going alone on this journey, even if it is a few blocks away, it is better to go with someone. One person can drive the vehicle while the other, that must be you, should take care of the cake.
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