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Order Food

Buy generic viagra overnight delivery, New price of viagra

Are You hungry, now?

It has become easier to order food, facebook is rolling out a new ‘Order food‘ option which you will find on its main navigation. Now your can order your favorite Pizza, Burger or even anything from your favorite restaurants, straight away from fb app, you won’t have to visit restaurant’s app or website.

Wow! its amazing, isn’t it?

Facebook is featuring a latest option ‘Order Food‘ in its main navigation, both on its mobile apps and desktop as well, so fb users can enjoy their favorite order while chatting with their friends, without leaving the fb app too. So it would be much easier for fb users to stay on the fb app or site, and you don’t have to be hungry while liking fb posts or commenting on the picture of your friends.

Yes, it is cool and hot too at the same time, because you would see a very colorful hamburger icon on its desktop site while in fb apps, it is like blue hamburger icon.

Starting from selecting your favorite order to pay for your order, you can do everything on the same fb platform. ‘Order Food’ option in the main navigation helps you find out your favorite stuff from all supported restaurants all on the same page. You will see list of restaurants, featured images, price details and whether that is available for pick ups or delivery, every thing will be displayed over there.

Buy generic viagra overnight delivery, New price of viagra

‘Start Order’,  you can start from this button and then its not a big deal , right?

Now, once your order is received you get an email with verification and delivery details, like when your order would be delivered or ready to be pick up.



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