Ferrari 488 Pista Reviews | Everything about Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari is the biggest name so let’s get into it’s latest update- Ferrari 488 Pista  so if you are looking for “the best sports car in 2019” then this launch would blow your mind. “Ferrari 488 Pista” can only be the car that can give you goosebumps while riding and if you are an expert driver then that a good news for you, and you have to be hungry because this launch can take you to the next level of driving experience.

Ferrari 488 Pista Reviews by LTR

Ferrari 488 Pista Reviews | Everything about Ferrari 488 Pista

  • Price – £252,765
  • Good at both, public roads and race tracks
  • Engine – twin turbo charged 3.9 litre V8
  • Performance- 710 bph at 8000 rpm and
    560 lb- ft of torque at 3000 rpm
  • Speed- 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds
    Top speed- 210 mph

Rival best Car- 911 GT3 Porsche

But if you compare 911 GT3 and 488 pista then it is difficult to underestimate on the basis of performance, and when it comes to price- 488 Pista is really expensive- £252,000 starting where as 911 GT3 is £141,340. This is the only big difference between two.
Ferrari 488 Pista Reviews

  • Power- rear wheels are given power through a seven speed – dual clutch gear box
  • Gear box- seven speed – dual clutch gear box
  • Max power- 510 bph at 8,240 rpm
    though the motor can go up to 9000 rpm and
    giving a torque of 345 lb- ft at 6000 rpm
  • Oops, Porsche 911 has less power than Ferrari 488,
    this could be the reason for being an expensive car.

Although, Porsche GT3 has less power than Ferrari 488 even than it has a very comparable performance. And Ferrari 488 is more joyful on the roads than its rivals.

Ferrari 488 Pista| Performance & Interior

Ferrari will never underestimate its customers when  it comes to performance and even this time- Ferrari 488 Pista -“sharper, faster and even more feel” so this can dismay of Porsche fans and this can give boost to Ferrari fans.

Okay! Great

Now, lets see how close you have been to this Company- Ferrari, leave your own go to link reviews about Ferrari 488 Pista and help people to find out which car they should go for in 2019.


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