Free Ways to Add Click-to-Tweet Links to WordPress Blog


Do you want to share your WordPress blog by using the click to tweet links? If yes, then this article is the most beneficial source for you. Here we will discuss Free Ways to Add Click-to-Tweet Links to WordPress Blog.

Twitter now has over 330 million monthly users, sending over 500 million tweets a day. And it is increasing day by day. This makes it an ideal platform to promote your content and share it.

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Further on – Let’s get flawed to the same…

Here, we are going to show free ways to add click to tweet links to your wordpress blog for more share. You can also learn how to Auto Publish Your Twitter Tweets as WordPress Posts from our guide.

Power of twitter Why create click-to-tweet links


The easiest way to promote, share and track your content on the twitter. This is a very simple and elegant service for get more traffic on your website and also blog.

The application and plugin are 100% free to use. Everyone can use it but you should have a twitter account.

It gives you the ability to direct the reader to share specific content on Twitter. You can create links directly from the click to tweet dashboard after sign in.

For the WordPress Website, you have to download a free plugin and get readers to share a particular blog or page. You can also get view the analytics reports that gives you with lots of beneficial information about the users who tweet your content.

Best tips for creating successful click to tweet content

Each people wants to share their content on the social media. But adding a click to tweet quote button is often not enough.

Here, we are showing you some tips for creating successful tweetable content.

  • One attention-grabbing sentence: Click to tweet content should be only one sentence that will hold the people’s attention and make an impact. You should keep your message short and make it point to point and don’t give unnecessary information.
  • Summarize key points: Twitter writ that “for business, Twitter is the best platform to have conversations that support and educate people.” Choose a key purpose you’ve got created in a container then conclude in one clear phrase. This will increase user’s readability.
  • Share statistics: It is a very good point to grab the attention of the people. If you have some useful stats that will shock your users or support their point of view, then turn them into clickable content.
  • Make it stand out from the rest of the copy: Clickable content should stand out from the rest of your content. And highlight the text, enclose the sentence in a box and make it impressive.
  • Use inspirational quotes: Approximately 53% likes tweet inspirational quotes. So if you use inspirational quotes in your content then it will increases the people’s interest to retweet your content.

Now, we have a good idea of how to create a tweetable content. Let’s move ahead freeways to Add Click-to-Tweet Links to your WordPress Blog for more share.

Plugins to Add Click-to-Tweet Links to WordPress




Better click-to-tweet



Better click to tweet is one of the most popular and best click-to-tweet plugins, and it is completely free.


This plugin is easy to use. Just install and activate it.

Then, head to the Better Click to Tweet tab in your dashboard and now add your twitter handle.


When it is complete, you can use the new shortcode

Generator in the WordPress Editor to add Click to Tweet text to your WordPress blog.



2. Click To Tweet From ClickToTweet.Com is a standalone service. It helps people add Click to Tweet with any type of content.

The plugin has very neat features to become it different from others. They have the most unique features is limited in the free version.

With this you can make 3 different types of design:

  • Boxes
  • Hints
  • Images

This plugin also gives the detailed tracking and analytics to get statistics on every embedded link in your Click to Tweet.


How to use Click to Tweet from ClickToTweet.Com

Once you install and activate the plugin, you can connect to ClickToTeewt.Com by going to settings > click to tweet in your WordPress dashboard.

Click to tweet

After doing this, you can see a variety of configuration options for the different types of click to tweet designs:

click to tweet


After configuring how your Click to Tweets look, now you can add them to your content using a new shortcode generator in your WordPress Editor:

wordPress plugin

Now it’s complete.



Sumo offers a neat sharp feature on Click To Tweet. Instead of offering a static Click To Tweet box or hint like some other Click To Tweet plugins. It adds a medium-style feature.

Essentially it makes your entire content “Click to Tweet.” It is very easy and good plugin to share your content.


The only limitations are that:

  • Some users might not realize that the feature exists.
  • You can’t push users to tweet a specific paragraph.

But, if you are already using the Sumo suite of apps, this is a cool little add-on.



It easy to add Click To Tweet boxes to WordPress. As you can see, there are many click-to-tweet plugins, with several other ways to add click-to-tweet to your WordPress website. By highlighting impressive and useful quotes, sentences and information, and making it easy for your visitors to tweet, you can easily increase your website’s traffic.

Hope this information will help you to learn about ways to add Click To Tweet to WordPress blog for more share. Please like and share this information with your peers!  

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