Google Home max speaker

War for the best VA has already begun and big tech companies like enter site Google, Amazon etc are working hard to prove their product to be the one that certain can take your eye ball out. Google has released Google Home Max and it can remember or act according to your voice instructions.

Cool Na?

Yes it is, Google Home Max –

Wireless Home gadgets has exploded into the market in recent years, companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google have already released their source url home speakers with VA and Apple is on the way to launch its smart speaker too.

These speakers are affordable, good for listening to music and are loaded with smart Virtual assistance, but even then these can’t be replaced with high quality music systems. Actually only  Sonos has built high end quality speakers with extra tech included with VA, of course other smart speakers are not that low quality but can’t be compromised in the name of tech.

Price of smart  Home Speakers

Price of Google Home Max – $399, in fact till the date only google has the most expensive smart home speakers, and along with this it has an amazing sound quality.

Want to hear it?

You can try it out! And it has weight around 12 pounds


  • It will cost you $399
  • Weight 12 Pounds
  • Four drivers– two 0.7  tweeters & two 4.5 inches long and beautiful woofers
  • Six class- D amplifiers
  • Six far field microphones for capturing voice instructions
  • A simple switch to turn on/off the microphone
  • Port for USB type C
  • and 3.5 mm input jack

Wow! so much cool stuff in one plastic box, tightly packed to give us a smart VA in form of a smart speaker, would try it today?

Let’s dig deeper

Actually GOOGLE HOME MAX looks amazing on books shelves or on the table in our bed room, plus it doesn’t look cheaper, though. And it is available in two colors; one chalk and other is Charcoal.


Google Home max is a rubber pad that lies under the speakers to keep it away from the vibrations on the surface of whatever furniture you put it on. Design of Google Home Max is so cool that it has perfect possible orientation which allows you to place it in horizontal or vertical positions.

One cool part of Google Home max is that two speakers can be paired together in any orientations.



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