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Google I/O 2017 | Latest Technical Reviews

Google’s I/O conference which happens every year, for this year 2017 some new announcements starts on Wednesday, today of course and we are going to witness latest versions of Google’s products like apps, latest features, and alot more in OS updates.

Today, Google is definitely about to reveal some surprises from its developer store and powerful software tools.

whats new Android

The Latest Version of Android is going to be – Android O which is going to be detailed in today’s event, previously google made Nougat and had made people used to it, so this time too, people are hungry to see some useful changes in Android.

The new version of Android – Android O – Some basic features are already out for us to view, like Notification channel to combine relevant apps individually; image in image for web; in video application you will see multi- display support with every single app, latest awesome networking features and many more.

In fact we have to wait for its consumer release.

Google’s Android O | Announced Today 17/05/2017

It is most likely that Google have discussed about the use of android in other places other than smartphones and tablets. We have seen & used chrome book early this year, so we may expect some latest updates in chrome book as well.  Android in Cars, and OS is reaching out from android auto to to set into cockpits and environment related issues as well.

Google has its partners Audi & Volvo, so it can test its new update within these vehicles. And will lets use, once everything would seem to be in controlled use.

Android Pay

Android Pay may bang out with some additional features to take over the present market. You might have seen, a canadian website had a mention of Android Pay, which was removed later on. So this might come true in today’s developer conference.

Android Wear | VR

Even for Google Virtual reality has become a field to do some useful evolution, Daydream a unique built-in VR for Android may get advance & updates.

Therefore Android O may get some additional updates for Daydreams, and Google may find new partners for software and hardware to launches these.

Previously with Naugat update, people went crazy and thats why we may see some more update in google’s assistant. AI may get more smarter and user friendly this time so people can use it for day to day works.





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