Project Loon | Google Turns on Internet Balloons in Puerto Rico

Google's Project Loon in Puerto Rico

On the last Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 image captured by Google’s Project Loon in Puerto Rico reveals a stratospheric balloon launching off for providing internet in Puerto Rico, from the actual site in Winnemucca, Nev. Alphabet Inc.  And it is confirmed that this Loon is not providing internet to the remote areas of Puerto Rico, this was needed actually because towers of mobile phones in here were knocked down by ‘Maria’ hurricane.

It is not the first time, two ‘Project loons’ are already there in air providing limited access to the internet including texts, emails and some searches, but it is only to AT & T users who are using 4G LTE network.

Google’s Project Loon in Puerto Rico

This launched loon by Alphabet Inc, situated in Menlo Park, California- Google’s Parent company, called HBAL199 & HBAL237 are 59,999 feet above the ground as mentioned in website.

How does Project loon works?

Balloons navigate using a machine learning and an algorithm that fits  them in a position in the air, where they can provide signal even  in presence of wind currents. Project loon are limited in their data providing as they are powered by solar energy and work in the day time only.

Now, when the giant internet company Google has been authorized to launch more such balloons by Federal Communications commissions, so the company is going to launch 30 more Google’s Project loon to provide internet in remote areas of United states of America & other hard hit area, and it would prove to be division for futuristic technologies.

Everything about Project Loon in Puerto Rico

Google's Project Loon
Google’s Project Loon

Actually ‘Project Loon’ is still in its experimental state, so we are not sure enough about the success of this technology, and how well it can serve data to the people, though this technology has already been tested in Peru, flood affected area.

And now in Puerto Rico where Maria ( Hurricane ) destroyed many lives, around 3 million people and affected cellphone towers as well. In this situation the island didn’t have even electricity in major area, and more than 4000 of people were in govt. shelters.

It was AT&T which set up 14 temporary cell phone sites, and could connect 65% of the population with phones again, this could happen because of govt. and project loon.

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