Hire internet at home: connection, price … what do I need to know?

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The first thing that must be considered is if you need what you are going to buy. In the market, there are more options than ever to hire Internet at home: ADSL, fiber optic of different speeds and even connections by 4G as mobile but adapted to homes. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

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Once you are clear about the type of use you are going to make of the network at home, it is time to choose a type of connection. These are the options in an ideal context, assuming that your house has coverage of all technologies, but this may not be the case.

Internet via 4G

4G technology is often used by mobile phones to get an Internet connection and also as a solution to connect at home.

The biggest advantage is that you do not need any type of installation, so if you do not have a connection at home, this may be the simplest and sometimes the cheapest option. You only have to have a Reviewimo Best Wifi Extenders router that plugs into an outlet and takes the signal from the mobile phone antennas and then repeats it at home. The speed and stability of the line are not bad, equivalent to a good ADSL connection, but worse than what can be achieved thanks to fiber optics.

The price is not too high, similar to what basic connections usually cost. It has the advantage that if you want to spend a few days in another place in the country, such as a second residence, you can take the router and you will have the Internet there. These types of connections have a download limit. If they are used a lot, they can finish and leave you without the connection.


ADSL is the usual suspect when we talk about the Internet at home. It is still the most common type of connection and, for many, synonymous with having a home network.

This type of connection has an important advantage over others: it is available for almost all households in Spain. Wherever you live, you may not have good mobile or fiber optic coverage, but it is likely that the copper wire will reach your home without problems.

The speed of the connection will never be high since it is limited by the technology it uses. In addition, it is not as stable as fiber and may suffer occasional falls.

Optical fiber

Fiber is the queen of domestic Internet connections at this time. It offers the highest speed, as well as the best stability in the line. Advantages: provides the best connection you can count on, especially if you need a large download capacity or connect many devices at once. Fiber optic is not the most economical option, but it can be cheaper if one contracts one of the convergent Internet, fixed, television and mobile packages sold by telephone operators.