How Does Electric Cars Work? | Tesla

This is how electric Car works Tesla or other electric cars which are becoming more favorite of the people across the globe, but how does electric cars work?

Have the same question?

Okay, that’s great ! Actually, you are thinking about the environment, and that’s good for your next generations.

So, here it is how electric Cars like Tesla works–

It is impossible to tell the difference between gasoline car & electric car from the outside, as in most of the cases both are designed on the same frame. But Tesla has been built on entirely its own body & frame that has been built for only Tesla.

follow link Major Difference between gasoline & electric Car-

  • Gasoline engine is replaced with electric motor
  • and electric motor takes its charge from controller
  • and….
  • Controller takes its charge from series of rechargeable batteries

Actually – electric car company source site Tesla Inc uses Li-ion batteries similar to batteries used in laptops & smartphones. You won’t believe that the batteries of Tesla is made up of thousands of lithium – ion cells which combined weight about a thousand pound and there is a heating system in the car so this type of electric cars can be used in cold weather as well.

So, whats the difference?

yes, friends it is the same,  you carry daily stuffs that are being charged frequently and this type of cars are done the same, only these stuff carries you instead.

This is how actually Electric cars work-

Since the name suggests, electrical cars which definitely requires charging point at home and outside as well. Tesla suggest to install a high power charger on the wall at home, so this might help you charging your car in few hours.

And the company is also working hard to install free “supercharging stations” especially on the highways in America where anybody can enjoy free super fast ride throughout the country.

Cool !!! Na?

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