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An IP address (Internet Protocol) is a numerical label assigned to each smart (wired or wireless) device that is physically connected with the computer network for safe and secure communication. It may also interest you to know that IP address is eligible of serving two basic functions:

  • Location addressing
  • Network or host network interface identification.

In this article, we will guide you to find the default IP address of router. This step is very important. You will need your router in completing the process of NETGEAR Extender Setup.

Know IP address of the router and access the configuration page in order to adjust and secure the wireless settings.

  1. On Windows Computer

Click on the ‘Start Menu’ and then click on the ‘Windows Logo’ that is situated at the bottom-right corner of the windows screen. Then, click on the settings icon (left side of the start menu).

  • Click on the third-option on the page ‘Network and Internet’.
  • Here, you see the option ‘View your Network Properties’ (situated on the bottom of the page under ‘Network Troubleshooter’). We need you to click on this option.
  • Look for the number that is next to ‘Default Gateway’. This would be the IP address of your device.
  • Now, grab your computer and open the web browser.
  • In the field of address bar, you need to type the ‘Default Gateway’ of your device.

Hope you have successfully found the IP address on your Windows Computer. Remember, it will help you a lot in configuring New Extender Setup and a successful mywifiext.net login.

  1. On Mac

If you own a Mac and looking for how to find the IP address on wireless router, follow the below given steps:

  • First of all, turn on Mac.
  • Click on Apple icon present at the top-left side of screen.
  • A list of menu will appear.
  • Select the second menu from the list.
  • Now, click on the icon resembles like a dark blue sphere.
  • Click on TCP/IP option.

Here, you can easily find the router’s IP address which generally starts from 192.

After finding the default IP address of your wireless home or office router, start the process of WiFi Range Extender Setup as it will help you in boosting your existing WiFi range and coverage to far corners of house or workplace.

However, most of the routers have IP address as default. It is also known as host address. But sometimes, when users try to open this web page, it only displays errors like ‘this page can’t be reached’. This is because it is a private IP address. So whenever you try to access it outside the reach of private network, you will always get error messages instead of the basic welcome screen.

Therefore, it’s recommended to take help from industry experts on toll-free number  1-888-674-6890. They will guide you throughout the whole setup process and even help in finding out the default IP address of your particular wireless router.

  1. WiFi Range Extender Setup

As we all know that range extenders let its users experience the high-speed of internet all over the house. To get the best connectivity, you need to follow the valuable points given below.

  • Connect your range extender along with the updated firmware of router.
  • Let the lights on them start blinking.
  • Grab your laptop or computer and launch a web browser onto it.
  • Now, what you have to do, in the field of address bar either type mywifiext or (the default IP address of your range extender).
  • After that, you will prompt to enter the default login credentials. You can easily find the default details in your NETGEAR Extender Manual Guide.
  • Once you have logged in successfully, you will see that the home page of NETGEAR Genie Setup arises in front of you.

NETGEAR Genie is that app that is used to manage and control the entire security system of WiFi devices. This app gives the feature of guest access and parental control to its users, in order to set a limit of bandwidth for those users who often visit them.

Get brief information about the feature of NETGEAR Genie app from our technical support executives. Not only this, they will also guide you to troubleshoot against login issues related to Mywifiext.net, mywifiext.net setup, and mywifiext.com.