How to Resolve Configuration Issues for NETGEAR Extender Setup?

How to Resolve Configuration Issues for NETGEAR Extender Setup?

NETGEAR Genie Setup (smart wizard) allows the configuration and installation of NETGEAR Extender Setup through the Web browser of a device that is physically and properly connected to the current WiFi network. You need to know some details about your WiFi network — such as the network’s password — to complete the configuration. Well, the range extender pushes your current WiFi network signals beyond its current limit. So, in that case, you don’t have to worry about the wireless signals that will drop unexpectedly at a critical moment, such as submitting an assignment online, watching favorite movies/ videos, playing games, downloading stuff from the internet, etc. read full reviews

Step 1

Unbox your range extender and plug-in within the range of your existing and updated firmware device (router). You can move your range extender to its intended location after the process of configuration.

Step 2

Connect your computer with the range extender by typing mywifiext or into field of the URL bar. The web browser you are using shouldn’t consist of browsing history, cache, cookies, and malware.

Step 3

For login, you are supposed to type the default details of username and password to the asked fields of the displayed page. If the above-given URL doesn’t work, type and open the NETGEAR Genie Setup page (smart wizard).

Step 4

Select your preferred WiFi. Click ‘Continue’. Enter your network’s passphrase in the field of password box and then hit ‘Continue’.

Step 5

Now, you are prompt to enter a unique name for the extender WiFi network in the SSID box (2.4GHZ network name) followed by ‘Continue’.

Step 6

Now, select ‘use the same security mode’ check the box to apply the safe and reliable security settings that your present WiFi network uses to the extender’s WiFi network.

Step 7

You can now connect all your smart (wired or wireless) devices to the New Extender Setup WiFi network.

Step 8

Hope you are done with the above-given process successfully. Now, click on the checkbox ‘my wireless devices are connected to the extender network’. Once clicked, hit ‘continue’.

Step 9

Now, you can disconnect your range extender from the electrical outlet, release all the cables that are used for connecting your smart devices and relocate your device that has least poor WiFi signals as compared to your original one.

Step 10

Plug in your range extender and let the LED lights on it starts blinking. Also, remember that the process you are applying to configure your range extender should be done out of the reach of public WiFi or hotspot.

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