How to Resolve iPhone Freezing Problems


If you have an iPhone you may have experienced it freezing. This is an annoying situation as it then becomes tough to place calls, text, read emails and do any other activity on your phone. There are some things that can be done to try and fix this problem.

Previously and also nowadays there are still some phones that allow you to take out their battery simply and then replace it on the phone. This sometimes fixes issues that the phone has. Even so, this case is not present with the iPhone as you cannot take out its battery unless you open the screws on the back of the phone, and you definitely do not want to do this.

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You should try the simplest procedure to fix the problem then continue to the more involved steps when you still experience freezing of your iPhone. Read on to find out how to resolve your iPhone freezing problems.

  1. source url Restarting And Resetting The iPhone

When your iPhone suddenly decides to freeze and does not wake from sleep, this may sometimes be able to be resolved by restarting your phone. You can press and also hold the iPhone’s “Sleep/Wake” button. Do this till the “slide to power off” notification appears. You can then slide the arrow so as to power off the phone. Now that your iPhone has switched off you can then turn the device back on. This is done by holding the phone’s “Sleep/Wake” button once more until you see the Apple icon. If the issue has been solved then you do not need to worry about the other complicated steps.

If you are still facing the problem or if you simply cannot power on the fully charged phone, then try resetting it. You should simultaneously press as well as hold the iPhones “Sleep/Wake” and also “Home” buttons. Do this for a minimum of 10 seconds. It depends on the original problem, but the device then should power on. It may also lead to the phone’s “slide to power off” screen.

  1. buy Proscalpin Some Applications May Need To Be Closed

You may sometimes be faced with a specific application being unresponsive and leading to the freezing. If this is the case then you may want to close the application. This is done by holding down the iPhone’s “Sleep/Wake” button. This is pursued till you see the “slide to power off” prompt coming up and then you need to press the “Home” button for around six seconds till you notice the app shutting down moreover the home screen once again appearing. When you realize that the iPhone freezes at the time that it runs multiple apps, then you should shut down those that you are not employing. You can quickly press the iPhone’s “home” button. This should be done twice in a row.

The open apps are seen at the bottom area of your screen. Simply tap plus hold the open app till you see a red circle having a minus sign coming on every app. You can tap this minus sign so as to close any application. Then press the phone’s “Home” button two times so as to close the row.

  1. Your iPhone May Require An Updating Of The iOS

It is possible that running older iOS software versions may impact the iPhone’s performance or also lead to it freezing, mainly when you are using those applications that are made to be used with the most recent operating system. Also, Apple sometimes introduces software updates that are made to resolve freezing issues. The device can be updated by plugging it into the computer. After this open iTunes. Then click “Update.” This will come in your device’s summary menu. If you do not have iTunes on your computer you can download this from the App Store.

Remember that before you update the phone you should transfer any purchases and also backup your data. Another way to update the device if you have iOS 5 or also later in it is to press “Settings” then “General” then “Software Update” and finally “Install Now.” However, this takes more time in comparison to how much will be taken when updating the device via iTunes.

  1. Restore The iPhone

If you have tried all of the above, but are still facing the same freezing problem then you should consider restoring the iPhone. This process is rather time-consuming therefore only consider it if the iPhone is still not responding from its freezing.

When wanting to restore the iPhone you can start by connecting it to the computer. This can be done with your USB-iPhone connector. After this choose your iPhone particularly in the “Devices” menu. Go to the “Summary” tab after this. Select “Restore,” and make a backup. This is if you have not had a backup made recently. After restoring the phone, the iOS can be restored from a past backup. When you still face device issues after you have restored from backup, you can restore the device then set this up as new. If you do this it can stop software bugs from coming from the backup, going into your device once more. Most of the data can be still kept via the syncing process.

  1. Consider Downloading A System Monitor

You can find applications in the iTunes store which give information concerning your Phone’s performance, like memory usage, system logs along with cache information. If you monitor and are alert of this information, then you can notice problematic applications. You can also figure out whether a specific setting is leading to your device slowing down or even freezing. Some of the applications let you release the phone’s system memory, this can enhance the Phone’s performance as well as fix certain freezing problems. Therefore it can be a good idea to download an app like this so that you know what issues your phone is experiencing.

  1. Try Selling Your iPhone

If you have tried everything and nothing has succeeded or are often faced with a freezing iPhone having to constantly try and fix this problem, you can consider selling the phone. You may definitely find this problem annoying if it often comes up. It is possible to sell your iPhone instead of having to face this problem much.

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Visit a store that buys iPhones so that you can get a good price put on your phone. You can also check online and see a company that will buy your phone. Some shops are willing to buy an iPhone that freezes, removing this headache from you. It is better to sell the phone instead of allowing it to remain with you and you not using it. You may think that no one will buy it, therefore, leave it lying around in your cupboard. This is not the case as you will see when you visit a shop that buys Phones. Is it not better to get some money for your phone instead of leaving it around?

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You can try out the above procedures when your iPhone freezes. If they work and you very rarely experience a freezing iPhone then good. Nevertheless, if you find that your phone freezes often and pursuing the above processes often is quite hectic, then you may want to consider selling your iPhone. You can get a better model and phone that will not cause you problems.


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