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How to survive in Wild

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How to survive in Wild, Over the years, technology has changed our lives and made it a lot easy-going. We are so dependent on our smartphones that we feel stuck or lost without them. However, when a twist of fate lands us in the wilderness with no source of network whatsoever, reality hits hard! When you are stuck in a jungle, in the middle of nowhere, conditions can go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. Harsh weather conditions, unknown terrain, and dangerous animals are just some of the dangers that you might have to face. Thus, here are some tips to make sure you can survive long enough to tell your tale.

Buy viagra united kingdom, Costco pharmacy price for viagra

It might sound odd and unnecessary, but telling your loved ones where you are going can decide your fate in case of an unfortunate event such as getting lost in the woods. Your last known whereabouts can provide a search party the much-needed clues to find you as soon as possible.

Get that fire going

Lighting a fire is one of the most critical tasks that you need to achieve to ensure your survival in the cold nights of a forest. A fire can come in handy in more ways than one. Apart from keeping you warm, the fire can help you cook the food you have gathered or hunted. It can also send a signal to your location. Placing pine or spruce branches will help generate a white smoke which can act as a beacon. You can even use the fire to boil water and remove any germs or microbes from it.

Learn to protect yourself from wild animals

It is almost certain that you might encounter a wild animal such as a bear or a horse when trapped in the wilderness. You should always approach a horse in the wild with caution no matter how harmless they might seem. Wild horses are known to be aggressive especially when scared. That is why horse racing Gulfstream recommends approaching a horse from the sides as they cannot see very well in the front. Move slowly and always speak in a soothing tone of voice.

Make use of everything you have

When you are lost in the wild, always remember to make judicious use of what you already have with you. It will give you an idea of how to get through the situation. These things might include:

  • Any leftover food items.
  • Anything you can use to start a fire. Tree bark, wood shavings, and dry wooden twigs are excellent for getting a fire going.
  • Any shiny or metallic object you can use to draw attention to yourselves.
  • Tools like a Swiss army knife should always be kept handy.

Few additional factors to keep in mind to stay safe

  • Stay away from caves. Even if it seems empty, the wild animal might return.
  • Never eat something that resembles a mushroom.
  • Avoid keeping any food uncovered. Keeping your food covered will prevent the smell from spreading out.

Apart from all this, the most important thing is to stay calm and focused. It will help you endure the ordeal with ease. It is natural to be scared, but only a strong resolve will get you through it safe and sound. more Reviews – tech & trends