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Infallible strategy for Path of Exile

The infallible strategy for Path of Exile, level up quickly

infallible strategy for Path of Exile- Path of Exile (abbreviated as PoE) is a MMOARPG that is known as the worthy successor of the Diablo saga, due to its great similarities with this game. PoE is a free-to-play game that immerses players in a fairly wide dark fantasy world, excellent gameplay and very high difficulty.

PoE as in all the ARPG, what is required to overcome this game is to dominate the characters, handle the combos, have the best weapons, and obviously, level up. It also helps a lot to get large amounts of money from the game and to get it you are recommended to use the various websites where players can buy PoE currency of any kind, from Orb of Fusing to Eternal Orb in exchange for real money.

In Path of Exile the players will have to kill monsters to obtain experience and to rise of level, but the difficulty that possesses this game added to the rhythm in which experience is obtained, cause that this task becomes quite slow and complicated. For that reason, we will explain below a strategy that will help PoE players to gain more experience and level up more quickly in this game.

The Hit & Run strategy 

This method is one of the most used because of its great effectiveness, and to do so you must find a place on the map of the game where there are a few hostile monsters or entire hordes of them. When finding these groups of monsters, the player must attack all the possible ones, the more enemies are attacked, the more experience will be obtained.

Therefore, you must look for the place where there is the greatest concentration of monsters and then head to attack. Doing this also has an additional advantage, such as getting items and money. But, it is extremely important to run as fast as possible when the attacks have been carried out, otherwise death will be inevitable.

It’s best to attack enemy herds and then run immediately to another, always hitting and running to avoid damage. It would be helpful to get a bottle of Quicksilver, which provides an extra speed quite useful.

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To get the most experience in PoE, you should also take into account the penalties and the safe area.

In MMORPG it is normal for some players to kill weak monsters for hours in order to level up, but this is not recommended in Path of Exile because this game incorporates an experienced death penalty system, which is done when we lose against an excessively weak or strong monster.

This penalty is based on increasing the amount of experience needed to level up, so you must avoid dying repeatedly, because the more a player dies, the more difficult it will be to move to the next level.

To completely avoid the penalty you have to stay in the so-called safe zone, which is based on a tolerance that applies when the player faces enemies with a few levels above or below his own level, for example, if a player is level 15, the safe zone is 4 levels, that means that if the player dies by a monster 3 levels higher or lower than it, he will not be affected by the penalty.

To calculate the safe zone of any level, an equation is made. But, to make things easier, the tolerance levels of each character level will be mentioned:

Player LevelSafe Area
1- 154 Levels
32- 475 Levels
48- 626 Levels
63- 777 Levels
78 onwards8 Levels

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